Selling a Handgun For “Hunting” to a Muslim? Are You Kidding Me?



Can’t these gun shop owners see red flags?  Don’t they remember 9-11 was perpetrated by Muslims?  That alone should give a gun shop owner pause.  And why do we have laws that allow a foreigner visiting in our country to purchase any kind of gun, hunting aside?  We are still being too PC.  Do we have “stupid” written on our foreheads? Are we going back to pre-9-11 thinking?  I think so.

The only life this Muslim was hunting was American soldiers.  Why is the FBI, who has so many black eyes right now, sugarcoating this inhumane terror attack?  The military should have done a background check of his social media before and during his stay.  Doing it after is too late.  He hated America and shouldn’t have been allowed onto a military base training with our fine soldiers. We’re going back to the same old “turn a blind eye” problem.  The military should not allow Muslims to train in our country, PERIOD.  It is too reminiscent of when they “trained” to fly planes that crashed into the World Trade Center. Trump will have to make some changes to that program. No noncitizens of America should be allowed to purchase a gun in our country.  PERIOD.

Parents of soldiers should be outraged by this.  Spouses of soldiers should be outraged by this. Code Pink should be outraged by this. I thought they were anti-violence of any kind but maybe not when it comes to terror. When a parent sends his child off to join the military, the last thing they expect is for them to get picked off in a terror attack on base by another soldier in training.

This horrendous attack reminds me of the Ft. Hood terror attack which Obama called “workplace violence.”  Trump would never call it that.  But the FBI is surely covering for yet another one of their mistakes allowing a radical to come into our country with hate in his heart for America.  He was radicalized and was watching videos of mass shootings and no one reported it?  What happened to our mantra “if you see something, say something”? Everyone in attendance of that movie should be kicked out of the military. We’re becoming too PC and too permissive.  It’s almost like the patients are running the asylum.


The current FBI Director, Chris Wray, is still covering for the Deep State at the top of the FBI that colluded to oust Trump. He’s Comey’s buddy.  It’s almost as though he read a different Horowitz report.  Time to fire another FBI Director IMO.  I’d put Ted Cruz in charge of the FBI before this guy.  Back to square one. FISA Court should be abolished as they can’t be trusted.  They have cronies in the Deep State; in fact, I recall Strzok saying he knew the judge or was friends with him.

The Democrats in the House are trying to take credit for Trump’s USMCA trade deal by saying they “rewrote” it and it took this long to get it right.  Please!  We’re not buying it.  This was Trump’s idea and had already gotten Canada and Mexico to sign on. These Democrats in the House are disgusting.  We need to vote them all out. The only reason they are pushing it through, finally, is because they’re looking so bad with the impeachment sham, they want to get some good news on their side so they have to steal it from Trump.

This whole impeachment sham together with watered-down Horowitz report saying the FBI had reason to spy on the Trump campaign and it wasn’t politically motivated is disturbing. It should be disturbing for all Americans that the FBI can spy on a political campaign under the direction of the president and no one yet is held accountable.  And the vague articles of impeachment that the Democrats have scraped together against Trump are ridiculous. Contempt of Congress is not an impeachable act nor is Abuse of Power.  Tell me what president has not abused his power or had contempt of congress? None.  And what happened to Bribery?  It seems they eliminated it to cover for Biden who is really guilty of bribery. Very clever, Nancy.  But we see through you. We will still bring it up if it goes to the Senate for trial.  The remaining two articles are too nebulous and vague permitting future presidents to be impeached for “nothing.”  It’s the Seinfeld Impeachment: Impeachment about “nothing.”