China Unleashed a Deadly “Bat Virus” on the World While Sealing Off Wuhan From the Rest of China.

selective focus photo of black bat on brown stone
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What does this tell us?  Answer:  They knew it was deadly and wanted to keep it from spreading to the rest of China but allowed these same quarantined people to travel abroad.  The Bat Virus also known as the China Virus, the Wuhan Virus or the more politically correct, according to W.H.O. and the media, the Covid-19 Virus was spread by citizens of Wuhan that were allowed to travel abroad after their government knew they may be infected.  Their government also failed to tell the world that this Bat Virus could be contagious from human to human.  Was their silence unintentional or malice?  :/

Something else that is curious, but hopefully not another layer of a conspiracy, was the fact that in 2015 nearing our election year when our FBI and CIA had gone rogue by coming up with insurance plans to keep Trump from being president, Obama gave a Grant of 3.5 million to the same lab that unleashed the Chinese Bat Virus.  Now a government conspiracy thriller novelist would use this fact to come up with a plot that maybe, just maybe, this contagion was a hit for hire as part of the FBI’s insurance plan to ruin Trump’s presidency before he was up for reelection. Just maybe.

I know it is far-fetched, but that’s just the conspiracy mind in me.  Freud didn’t believe in coincidences; I don’t either.  Let’s hope it was just Obama being very generous with OUR money to the same exact lab in Wuhan that studies bats and one careless lab worker got infected and went home and spread it around and it traveled overseas and caused 154,000 deaths worldwide with 2.2 million cases…tanking the booming U.S. economy…threatening Trump’s second term.  Let’s just hope that’s all it was. :/

When Trump ran for president he promised to eradicate ISIS as they were spreading havoc around the world and no one seemed to know how to stop them.  What does ISIS have in common with the Bat Virus?  They both live in caves, they’re both deadly, and they’ll both be eradicated by Trump.   If Trump was successful in eradicating ISIS why wouldn’t he be successful in eradicating the Chinese Bat Virus? It’s a war, just a different kind of war. One with guns and bombs and the other with hiding in our homes washing our hands.  Let’s give him some credit that he knows what he’s doing.  So far he has listened to his advisers and experts, it’s now time for him to use his instincts and intuitions which are pretty good to get our economy back on track.  He did it once, let’s see if he can do it again. :/

Democrat governors need to swallow their pride and open up their state in stages. Enough with the politics they’re trying to play like Cuomo and Michigan’s governor. I can’t believe Cuomo blamed Trump for his overzealous ordering of ventilators and beds claiming he used “Trump’s models” when ordering.  Trump didn’t come up with these models that overestimated deaths.  Doctors Fauci and Birx vouched for the models, not Trump.  That was a cheap shot. Now Trump is getting blamed for “scientific models” that he was told were accurate.  Unbelievable. I thought Democrats love “science.”  Not so much if Trump is involved.  :/

This would be akin to Trump buying into the “climate change hoax” hook, line, and sinker then after implementing the Green New Deal (which would bankrupt our country and put millions out of work in the fossil fuel industry, automobile industry, health insurance industry, real estate companies, and wall street) the left would blame Trump for the idea that they all wanted in the first place.  Nice try Cuomo.  Do your job and stop with the pressers.

When Mayor DeBlasio was telling New Yorkers to ignore warnings and go to the theater, Trump was banning flights from China and Europe and catching hell. When Nancy was telling San Franciscans to ignore warnings and go to Chinatown and enjoy their food, Trump was coming up with the Guidelines to avoid exposure to the Chinese Bat Virus after the sting of just being impeached.  And they say Trump mishandled the pandemic? I don’t think so. 

People need to get outside for their mental and physical health, especially seniors who are retired.  Some of them are on “doctors orders” to exercise whether it be at a gym or pool or golf or tennis or just walking.  To close down these activities and contain people indoors for extended periods is just destroying their lives and livelihood in their final years not to mention our economy.  It’s cruel and unusual punishment because of a Chinese Bat Virus that they probably won’t be exposed to as they will take extreme precautions. We are all responsible for our own lives. 🙂