Biden Pits Trump Supporters Against His in Today’s Speech.

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Way to unite America on the anniversary of an embarrassing attempt to set up President Trump. Biden coughed and spit out lies today in an attempt to resurrect the January 6th breach of the capitol last year. He conveniently forgot to mention the murder of Ashli Babbitt by a BLM member Capitol Police Officer. He also forgot to mention that pipe bombs were discovered near the Capitol planted by a Biden supporter prior to the crowds. That alone would have sent in the National Guard but, no; because something more nefarious was in play that day.

He also forgot to mention that the capitol police suspiciously took down barricades and happily welcomed in most of the protestors that morning while Trump was still giving his lackluster speech to a crowd of patriots. All on camera. He also forgot to mention that the GOP was contesting many electoral votes in many states and things were going in their favor, much to Nancy’s chagrin. “The Big Lie” being debunked in real time. Yes, Liz Cheney, The Big Lie is not a lie. Biden cheated.

Mushy-mouthed Biden implied that guns and weapons were brought to this breach and that two police officers were killed. Not true. Officer Sicknick was a true Trump supporter so no telling why he died later that week. Maybe he didn’t want any part of the coup and was silenced in Clintonesque fashion. There was not one gun confiscated at this event, but officers antagonized the crowd with teargas, rubber bullets, and beat downs. I wonder how much bonus pay they got that day? A couple of the more dramatic ones went to congress spilling tears of PTSD anguish hoping for a gig on CNN, no doubt. They, together with FBI undercover agents caught on tape, incited a riot. Many of those inciters have not been arrested, yet innocent Trump supporters have. We have them on camera inciting the riot together with BLM and Antifa in disguise by holding Trump flags. Nice try.

He also forgot to mention that undercover FBI agents helped remove a window to the Capitol then turned and walked away with the Capitol Police in tow turning a blind eye to the incoming crowd. Essentially allowing them to breach the capitol. All on tape.

Nancy gleefully sent down her gavel and closed the vote count when she heard of the riot. She turned down ten thousand National Guard that Trump had requested days prior, due to bad optics. She was in on it. Capitol police were a disgrace that day. Nancy was successful in stopping the proceedings that were going in Trump’s favor. Enough states had senators contesting the results to make it appear Trump would win. But after Nancy shutdown the proceedings, they came back later and changed their mind. It was a highly planned set up against Trump. And still is based on Biden’s accusatory speech today.

He ignored mentioning poor Ashli Babbitt which proves in itself that Biden has no soul, no heart, no conscience. He is a cold, calculating partisan hack with ice running through his calcified veins.

Today’s speech also proved that the Democrats are deathly afraid of Trump returning, so they need to get bills passed to legalize election cheating. They cheated once, so why not twice? When blank ballots were counted after hours with no inspectors present that only had Biden’s name checked exceeding the number of registered voters in many cities, that is concrete evidence that Biden cheated. In old fashion terms, which have been around since the Wild West, Biden stuffed the ballot box with the help of the likes of Zuckerberg, BLM, and dishonest election workers. Why else would they cover the windows of the election offices with cardboard? So cameras couldn’t film what they were up to. Duh. This doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out. They stole the election.

We shouldn’t be remembering this day orchestrated by Biden and Pelosi. We should be ashamed of it. It was a purposeful breakdown of security by the Capitol Police, FBI, and the Speaker of the House. Let’s try to forget what they attempted that day. Shameful. But remember the insurrection of November 3, 2020, when our election was stolen in the dead of night. That was the real attack on democracy which has pitted one party against the other and still does today. I’ll never forget that night. Stolen right before our eyes.