Biden is the Real Poison.

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He’s poisoning America in small doses. Yesterday he claimed white supremacy is a poison and his audience applauded. If white supremacy is a poison, then Biden is a nuclear bomb. We actually don’t see much white supremacy going on. We see more black supremacy being taught in schools and played out in the streets by BLM these days. How Biden and Garland do not see that is beyond.

His speech yesterday was oozing with scorpion venom and divisiveness. He equated white supremacy with Trump voters without even saying it. He let the cat out of the bag though when he said, “they pretend to love America but don’t understand America.” That was his “deplorables” moment. We all love America and understand it more than he and his cronies do. At least we know how to run America without running it into a ditch.

Biden is grasping at straws now as he knows he has gotten us closer to war with Russia, ruined the economy, set back racial relations 50 years, harmed the baby food industry, failed to eradicate covid, and opened our borders to a tsunami of illegals. Everything he has changed since Trump left has backfired in his face.

He has never run a corner store let alone a country and does not have the skills to do either. He has the mental sharpness of a middle school preteen. But white supremacy is the poison on our country? Laughable. The real culprit behind the Buffalo shooting is biased teachers and lenient law enforcement. No telling what his school was indoctrinating the kid with and the police should have already arrested him for school threats. They both dropped the ball.

The left is in campaign mode and will continue this false “racist Republicans” narrative till the cows come home this November. Just get ready for it to spread. They will jump on the Buffalo train like Biden clung to the Charlottesville story. He beat that story like a dead horse. This is all they’ve got aside from stuffing the ballot boxes and rolling in suitcases of forged ballots after hours.

Biden’s white supremacy speech was not only despicable but deplorable.