Racist Californians Keep Newsom.

Photo by Anton on Pexels.com

We know who the real racists are. Those Democrats that couldn’t vote for a black governor. They’d rather live in a state that is mismanaged, than vote for a black governor. Insane.

Keep in mind when Trump won, the Democrats blamed Hillary’s loss on racist voters because she would carry the baton for Obama. Two can play the racist game. See how they like it.

The California Recall Election was rife with fraud again. The Democrats ran on keeping power away from Republicans. Simple as that. They don’t want to lose power. But in order to keep their power, they resorted to cheating once again with the help of the postal workers, thieves, and dishonest voters. No, Russia wasn’t involved like they claimed after Trump’s win, but cheating was.

Widespread reports of same day in-person voters being told they had already voted and couldn’t vote again. But who voted for them is the problem that the election workers didn’t seem to care about. Bags of discarded ballots found in garbage cans with “Yes for recall” as the envelopes were see through with a flashlight. Insane.

Were ballots stolen from mailboxes or were postal workers not delivering them to the rightful recipients? Something nefarious went on. 70 million dark $$$$ were spent on Newsom keeping his job. Were postal workers bribed to commit fraud? Barely $16 million was spent on Elder’s campaign. George Soros, Biden, Harris, and Pelosi were all involved in this recall election. And we all know Pelosi is the blackmail and bribery queen. What about the checks Newsom sent out before the election to deadbeats? Bribery much? What about the ballot boxes placed on streets? What was the chain of custody of those ballots? Mail in ballots are the reason covid lives on in the Biden regime and will continue throughout 2022.

Californians that voted to keep Newsom are willfully ignorant. Insane. Why wouldn’t voters elect Larry Elder who promises to solve the tent encampment problem, the wildfire forest mismanagement problem, the water shortage problem, the draconian covid restrictions problem, and high taxes. Why wouldn’t they? At least give someone else the chance that doesn’t dine at the French Laundromat. Insane.

Until we change things, we are doomed to repeat the same; and that is the definition of insanity. The Newsom/Pelosi dynasty lives on. Surprisingly, Newsom compared himself to Bobby Kennedy who was assassinated by Serhan Serhan and who is currently up for parole.

According to the commission’s vote, Serhan is no longer a threat to society, but that does not necessarily guarantee a prisoner’s release. The decision must now be made by California Governor Gavin Newsom.

Read more at: https://usnewslatest.com/palestinian-who-assassinated-robert-kennedy-may-go-free/

Did the parole of his killer conveniently come at the same time as the Newsom Recall Election to prove to voters that he is tough on crime? We will see.

You blew it, racist California. This is the reason we left 16 years ago and why more businesses and residents are fleeing in droves. You really, really blew it. You suck at voting.