Save Your Crocodile Tears, Rashida…

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For your pillow.  You’re fake. You’re grandstanding on camera to spew lies about Israel and Trump.  We don’t buy it.  Where do we find these women and how do they get into Congress?  Deb Haaland of New Mexico is the latest of beauties who says Antifa is a peaceful movement safeguarding their cities against domestic terrorism.  She’s a moron.  There’s nothing peaceful about chasing down and attacking conservatives in the street.  There’s nothing peaceful about giving someone brain damage. There’s nothing peaceful about calling a line of police parasites and asking them to commit suicide by shooting themselves. This is despicable behavior by Antifa, whoever they are hiding behind the masks.  I swear they are paid by Soros and other leaders in the Democrat Party to be disruptive and anti-American. They’re an embarrassment to our country.

The more disruptive, the more they get paid.  They are middle-class, white, spoiled losers. Their liberal degrees didn’t get them a normal job, so they go to work for Soros.  Another example of poor upbringing.  But this poor excuse for a congresswoman who calls conservatives domestic terrorists needs her eyes and hearing checked.  These congresswomen show up on CNN spewing their ignorance, and the fake news just eats it up.

Then the knucklehead from the Squad holding an emotional press conference about things that may or may not have happened to her family in the past was a pitiful display of feigned self pity.  We don’t care. Every person has a story from their past.  We care about what she’s doing to our country today.  She’s a disgrace to our country with her foul language and anti semitic comments and shouldn’t be representing anyone, let alone a state.  She needs to resign, go home, and cry in her pillow.  Her crocodile tears aren’t welcome on television.

Five activist congresswomen now making the airwaves. We need to not say their names or give them anymore airtime.  They’re a waste of humanity.  The police need to arrest Antifa and keep them behind bars. They are violent, and there’s no place for them in our society. They carry weapons, and they use them. And the MSM doesn’t film their violent acts, just the peaceful ones. And the police turn a blind eye.

Two years ago we had to worry about our stagnant economy and a potential terror attack from ISIS. Now we have to worry about the homeless, filthy streets, sanctuary cities, invasion of borders, Antifa, and activist congresswomen and in the middle of our best economic recovery. How could this happen? What a difference Democrat Governors (Newsom) Mayors (de Blasio), and Congresswomen (Tlaib) have made–for the worse.

Vote them out!