Top Dirty Cop Set Up General Flynn.


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Now that the evidence FINALLY comes out that proves what former FBI Director James Comey and his cronies were up to by setting up General Flynn to tarnish Trump’s presidency, what will be the outcome?  Just knowing that they were involved in a conspiracy is one thing, what about charges?  They committed crimes and were under the direction of Obama at the time.  The most scandal free administration?  How is it no one is getting their homes raided in the wee hours of the morning?  Oh, that’s right, that was another one of the dirty cops doings, Bob Mueller, when he raided Roger Stone’s home.

Bob Mueller is like the older brother of Comey who was chosen to cover for Comey.  And they are old buddies. He covered up the evidence that would have exonerated Flynn and saved him millions of dollars and time.  Mueller and Comey need to be sued by Flynn.  Mueller should be charged for being part of this sham and should return the 30 million paid to his biased group of Hillary-loving lawyers set out to ruin Trump.

Now we get to Chris Wray.  Who chose him and why has he been so silent?  He knows Trump was set up as well as Flynn but hasn’t said a word about it since filling in for Comey.  Wray is like the little brother of Comey and is covering for him and the FBI. They are all part of the Deep State that seems to be getting deeper.  Now I’m beginning to wonder if Fauci is part of the this same Deep State and you see where I’m going.  Everything these men have done has hurt Trump. Under Fauci’s direction and models, Trump shut down the country.  Thanks Fauci.

I think it’s time for Trump to start pardoning and firing again. He needs to pardon Flynn, Roger Stone, and Manafort just to piss off the media.  If Stone and Manafort were targeted by Mueller, who is corrupt (proven by his known knowledge of Flynn’s setup), why wouldn’t Trump pardon them?  It’s like being targeted from evidence obtained from the fruit of the poisonous tree, Mueller being the poisonous tree. All charges are inadmissible.

Chris Wray should be thanked for his service and quietly sent packing; never trusted that dude from day one.  I don’t like his smirk.  Put someone like Ted Cruz or even General Flynn in that position. That would have all the FBI and Obama shaking in their boots as they should be.  Trump is at the perfect time in his term to shake things up.  They shook things up for him, it’s now Trump’s turn. He can call it Trump Fire Hurricane.

Nothing bad that has happened to our country has been due to anything Trump did. But there have been a lot of bad things done to our country by the Deep State:  Cross Fire Hurricane, Mueller Probe, Ukraine Sham, Kavanaugh Smear, Impeachment Hearings and now the Bat Virus Shutdown. Can you imagine how much these shams have cost our country?  Our country that is going deep into debt right now could use that money, but we’ll never get it back nor the time wasted on such nonsense caused by the Deep State.

Do some pardoning, firing, and reassigning.  Now’s your time Trump while the states are battling it out on whether to open up or not. Get your house in order.  You’ve got some “hangers on” that are NOT looking out for your best interest.  Fire their as-es.  We need a fresh start before the next election. Pardon your friends that got charged for nothing.  Rehire Flynn in your administration just to stick it to the media. I’d love to see their faces.   🙂