Psaki Lies, “[Beavis] Fully Aware of Mess at Border that Trump Left.”

Beavis and a real Butthead on the right below.
Double fisted, frozen stance.

What a vindictive, jealous, snide remark. Still angry about how well Trump handled the country are we, Psaki? How did we let that snarky comment go unchallenged!? That really irked me and no one in the press core disputed it. A mess left by Trump at the border? Are you kidding me? I’ve had about enough of the lies coming from this administration, including Fauci, and their spokeswoman whose hair dye must be seeping into her brain. She’s off her rocker.

I didn’t watch the CNN townhall with Joe that had prescreened questions that he couldn’t answer without bumbling, stumbling, and needing a lifeline from Cooper. But I saw the clips of his disastrous performance. Everyone got blamed for the MESS HE’S MADE, except himself. Russia blamed for rising gas prices, hurricanes blamed for why he hasn’t made it to the border yet, unvaccinated accused of murder in the name of freedom, shoppers blamed for backlog at the ports, GOP blamed for his pork bills not getting passed. Now we read that this selfish butthead is getting the government to build A WALL around HIS beach property for his safety! A $500,000 wall!

So I guess walls work when he wants his own property protected from illegal terrorists (or as the FBI falsely labels threats as white supremacists) crossing the border but not the rest of America’s homes. What happened to “smart” borders to protect your home? He’s a jerk. He needs to be impeached! “Rules for thee, but not for me” president.

Not one question on the Afghanistan withdrawal debacle, Fauci lying to congress about funding gain of function, Garland’s conflict of interest with CRT and weaponizing the FBI against parents, his plummeting approval rating, or the transgender boy raping a girl in the girl’s bathroom. I guess Beavis wants to turn the page on the above subjects. But we won’t.

No one wants this decaying bag of bones ruining our country.