While We Slept…

Photo by Gary Barnes on Pexels.com

we took our eyes off the ball. America has spent the last five years being distracted from real issues. Despite what our FBI and CIA says, the biggest threat to America isn’t white supremacists, it’s Radical Islamic Terrorists. It has been for the last twenty or so years. I guess they forgot.

But the Democrats caused Americans to take their eyes off the ball with phony trumped-up articles of impeachment thrown at Trump while he was running the country like a well-oiled machine. When that wasn’t enough, the left had to distract us with unnecessary matters like riots across the nation, the metoo movement, black lives matter, green energy, abolishing fossil fuel, critical race theory, fake voter suppression, fake systemic racism, offensive statue removals, social media bans, transgender rights, gender neutralizing, fake white privilege, fake white rage, capitol set up, prisoner releases, capitol fencing, masks on masks off, vaccination confusion, defunding the police, white supremacy, packing the court, mail in ballots, the Big Lie, school closures, and now the latest “The Delta Surge.”

Phew! That’s a lot of distractions the Democrats have given Americans to be concerned with. Keep in mind all of the aforementioned have been created, drummed up, or overseen by the Democrat/Socialist Party not the GOP. We have wasted five years of precious time on minutia–squabbling over insignificant crap. And while we slept, we allowed the Taliban to grow in numbers and strength; steal our military arsenal, tanks, and trucks; and take over a country that we were defending and training for twenty years to fight the Taliban. Right before our eyes. Right under our nose. And we didn’t go there to intervene in their civil war like Biden claims. We went there to eradicate and annihilate, as well as keep the lid on, the ruthless Taliban killers of 9-11. I guess we just gave up, took our marbles and left. They overtook our embassy just like in Benghazi but without any resistance this time. Twenty years of blood and treasure lost…forfeited in one day. August 16th will go down in infamy; not January 6th, which was child’s play compared to August 16th.

August 16th will be remembered as the day America let down the Afghan people and cut and ran. Other countries that we have promised to defend like Israel, South Korea, and Taiwan all felt it. Now they know that America has gone “woke” under a Biden Administration which is synonymous for weak. Our commanders are more concerned with silly talk of race theories, transsexuals, and white supremacy than defending our country. They are an embarrassment. They’ve humiliated us on the world stage. Deceased presidents must be spinning in their graves.

They’ve also left us wide open for the next terror attack on our soil! Not only that, but they will be transporting the fleeing Afghans into our country together with the fleeing South Americans at our southern border. We have a possible full blown Trojan Horse going on here. Who knows who will be boarding those planes pretending to be fleeing from the Taliban. Who knows? Definitely not our new Commander in Chief. He’s about as feeble as a garden snail with a herd of trampling elephants approaching.

Our country will soon become one of those shithole countries Trump spoke of unless we do something soon. Impeach Biden, Harris, Milley, Blinken, and the Secretary of Defense. They have failed at their number one responsibility to protect our people and allies. Dereliction of duty. Someone in the House needs to come up with Articles of Impeachment of Biden et al. Two can play this game. At least there’s sufficient cause this time around.