Tone Deaf Tyrant Continues Trump Bashing.

Tone deaf Tyrant.

Why? you ask, does he continue to bring up Trump in every speech? Maybe because he subconsciously feels guilty about stealing the presidency and good economy from him that he has run into the ground, off a cliff, into the abyss. In his meek, demented mind, he has to place blame on something as he has nothing else to run on. Sort of like “California EVs have nothing to run on.” (Gutfeld). But will The People believe all the lies this administration and his press secretary are spewing? That is the burning question.

I like to think most people are good and have some degree of common sense, but when I hear what Hollywood and the media say about Trump while ignoring The Tyrant, I begin to wonder. Can they be this stupid or narrowminded to believe what this administration is spewing? They even have Jim Cramer from Mad Money running interference for The Tyrant’s economy saying “he has financial numbers that the rest of us aren’t privy to.” Really? How much are they paying Cramer to cover for them? Are our eyes and pocketbooks lying to us too?

This corrupted FBI is attacking anyone that supports Trump publicly like The Pillow Guy. Wow, are they losing it or what? Going after a recovering addict who made a life for himself and chose to support Trump. I thought The Tyrant had sympathy for recovering addicts like Hunter. Guess not. Only when they support him. What crime did Pillow Guy commit other than showing up at Trump rallies? The Homeland Security Secretary implies Trump supporters are domestic terrorists comparable to 9-11 terrorists. Another sick attempt to sway voters away from voting Republican.

The Tyrant is so jealous of Trump’s following that he had to hire clueless James Taylor to sing at his celebration of the Inflation Reduction Act while the inflation rose and the market crashed in real time during his performance. James need to go back to Carolina not just in his mind. How embarrassing is this Tyrant? Too embarrassing for the media to point out. In fact, CNN is just covering Tribute to the Queen 24/7. Big question, will The Tyrant mess his pants in front of folks he meets in England like last time and shake hands with ghosts? Most likely. He’d be better off staying in Delaware in his basement where he belongs. Jill better be packing lots of Depends and double them up.

Listen folks who voted for The Tyrant: Never vote for a lifetime politician of either party that has never run or been responsible for anything like a corner store yet lined his pockets with millions of influence peddling money. Red flag. This Tyrant has no idea how a company is run and; therefore, why he punishes small companies with higher taxes, stricter regulations, and higher gas prices. In his meek mind, he actually thinks companies will pay their employees more and hire more causing an increase in spending which helps the economy? He calls it “growing the economy from the middle out.” “We never got a job from a poor person” (Hannity), only successful businessmen like Trump. So when he punishes them, there will be layoffs. Don’t be fooled again into voting for this Tyrant or any of his ‘yes men” drones. Candidates with business experience make better presidents. PERIOD.