Why Does Trump Get Blamed For Friggin’ Everything?

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This blame game the media is using against Trump is getting old.  Obama never got blamed for terror attacks on our soil or for fanning the flames of racism throughout America.  I heard one news commentator lately blame Trump for the 2016 terror attack at Pulse club in Orlando.  Trump wasn’t even president then!  How could they blame him? That terrorist didn’t target the club because they were gay.  He joined ISIS.  They don’t care who they kill. He was committing jihad. But ISIS didn’t fit the liberal agenda of the media so they label it a hate crime rather than terror.  And why would Trump be blamed regardless of the reason? What’s good for the goose, should be good for the gander.  But it’s not.

I’ve heard women blaming their low libido and weight gain on Trump.  They’ve also blamed their divorces on Trump. I guess when the economy comes back and no one can blame him for lack of good jobs, they have to resort to other bothersome things in their lives.  I say to them, “Get a Life! Take responsibility for your own happiness.  Quit looking for someone to blame. Trump is a civic leader not your mother, psychologist, preacher, accountability coach, teacher, or spouse!”

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Yesterday a man was arrested for having a stockpile of weapons and a hit list of Democrats and all the fake news media immediately blamed Trump for this random guy’s intention to kill.  BUT when a guy actually shot up a baseball game of Republicans and almost killed a senator and he worked for Bernie’s campaign, the media and Pelosi warned Trump not to blame Democrats. This stinks of double standard.

I wish the fake news would stop blaming Trump for everything that hits the news.  If a conservative student is punched, it’s Trump’s fault.  If a gay, black man claims he was attacked by Trump supporters, it’s Trump’s fault.  If a rich Democratic donor kills two gays in his apartment, it’s Trump’s fault. If a football team owner gets arrested for solicitation, it’s Trump’s fault.  Next they’ll be blaming Trump for the Holocaust; they already blame him for slavery.  I’m being facetious but it’s almost getting to this.

Trump has helped the Black and Hispanic communities gain jobs and build up their cities.  Trump is a huge supporter of the Jewish religion and Israel. Trump has never done anything to hurt the gay community.  That is just another fallacy spread by the fake news and Democratic politicians.  I guess because of the fact that he trusts in God, that is enough for some gays to hate him.  Too bad. When all else fails, blame Trump is becoming the mantra of the left.

I’m not sure why some Blacks hate Trump.  We all know they generally vote Democrat but why all the hate?  Who instilled all this hate in them?  Obama, Michelle, Oprah, Lebron, Whoopi, Juan Williams, Maxine, Don Lemon, Kamala, Booker, Sharpton?  They are all outspoken haters of Trump. Are they poisoning the minds of the rest of the Black population?

Just because Trump took over after the first Black president is not reason to hate him. Just because he helped Hillary with the mystery of Obama’s birth certificate is no reason to hate him. Just because he’s turned over just about every executive action that Obama put in place, is no reason to hate him.  Just because he got the football players to stop kneeling is no reason to hate him.  Just because he pulled out of the Paris Climate Change is no reason to hate him. Everything he’s done has been for the betterment of the country.  Look at Trump’s feats not his tweets.

So let’s try treating him as you treated Obama, with respect and honor.  Try treating Melania like you treated Michelle, with respect and honor. Why not thank him for the great economy and peace he is trying to make around the globe?  Notice there hasn’t been one terror attack from ISIS since his presidency.  Try to stop blaming him for everything in the news.  Because what was good for the goose (Obama) should be good for the gander (Trump).