Not Every Tragedy is Trump’s Fault.

Girl noticing gas prices rising. Must be Trump’s fault.

Biden and the media (which are one and the same) seem to want to blame anything that goes wrong in America today onto Trump even though he isn’t president any longer. Hmmm…Trump is a convenient scapegoat. The violence at the Capitol on January 6th, Trump’s fault; the surge at the border, Trump’s fault; some sex addict who shoots up massage parlors; Trump’s fault. I suppose the surge in gas prices will be Trump’s fault too. Amazing.

Now they are claiming there is an anti-Asian violence uptick due to Trump saying the virus came from China. It did come from China! Hello! Just like SARS did. Trump has been saying it came from China for over a year, why now would it cause an uptick in Asian violence? It wouldn’t.

We’re all angry at China but not the Chinese people. Massage killings were not hate crimes just a lone sex addict who probably didn’t get the happy ending he asked for. Have they ever seen an episode of Law & Order Criminal Intent…ever? There are some sick puppies out there that kill for no reason. Most girls in those parlors are Korean anyway. If someone was really angry at the Chinese, most likely they’d go to Chinatown and shoot up an outdoor live market. Let’s hope not though. Or order tons of Chinese food to be delivered to someone else’s address, like Hillary’s.

I suppose if there’s an outbreak of dead bats falling from the sky, Trump would be blamed for saying the virus came from bats. It did come from bats! Not everything is Trump’s fault like the media and Democrats claim. But Biden jumps on the it’s Trump’s fault bandwagon whenever he can as he has no good ideas for our country. And he just called Kammie, President Harris. Oh me, oh my, oh. He plans now to perpetuate the myth that Asians are being targeted by hate-filled Trump supporters. Way to take the focus off the real crisis at the border, Joe. I’m sick of it. The only hate I see is coming from the left.

When 27 illegals piled into one vehicle that crashed coming over our border from Mexico, I’m surprised Trump wasn’t blamed. But guess who is to blame: Biden. He ended the security at the wall which allowed this car to enter and thus crash. But notice the conservatives never blamed Biden. We don’t do that. When a disgruntled Bernie-bro volunteer shot up the GOP baseball game after Trump won, we didn’t blame Bernie. We don’t do that. When the deranged kid shot up Parkland Highschool, the conservatives didn’t blame Obama for the Promise Program that allowed this kid to remain in school. We don’t do that.

Insanity is on the person who commits the crime, not on anything that led them to commit the crime. It is usually the result of poor upbringing, not a president nor a candidate nor a radio talk show host on either side of the aisle. When the media realizes this, we’ll all be better off.

Note to news outlets: Stop looking for a scapegoat. Just report the facts of a case and don’t speculate. Leave that to opinion writers. All we want is the facts without a racial or motive spin put on it. Tragedies and mass killings are bad enough without blaming Trump for each one. Trump had every right to call the coronavirus a China virus. It came from China! Hello! Corona sounds like Mexico. It didn’t come from Mexico!