The Domestic Terror Attack in Georgia…

is just a taste of what’s to come in 2024. They are just beginning. Why did Antifa think they could get away with such outrageous violence? Why does this administration feign no knowledge of the attack one day later? Is this all due to soft-on-crime leadership by Georgia RINO Kemp and Senator Warnock who suspiciously won over Hershel Walker? Too bad Walker and Purdue didn’t win their elections in Georgia. Things may have been different.

When is our administration going to label Antifa a Domestic Terror Group? How many more deaths and destruction does it take to qualify as a Domestic Terror Group? They are not protestors. They are not an idea. These terrorists came from other states as usual and are probably funded by George Soros or their rich elite parents. This was a well-calculated, premediated terror attack, not protestors out for a walk gone wild. If the terror attackers aren’t White Supremacists or Proud Boys, it doesn’t fit the FBI’s narrative that white supremacy is our biggest threat, so they turn a blind eye. Twenty-three have been remarkably arrested but let’s see how many are prosecuted. I wouldn’t be surprised if they are released and asked to return at a later date. Kamala may even pay their bail. This is how the libs run their judicial system. Soft on crime and only seek conservative demonstrators.

These terrorists are predominately young, white, unkempt GenZrs or Millennials who come from elite liberal upbringing. Parents were probably anarchists when they were young and passed on this hate to their kids. All future professors in universities. Biden’s press secretary acted like the attack was not even on their radar a day later which we know is not true. It was relayed to ol’ Joe but was probably more upset by the attack Trump laid on him at CPAC Saturday night. Whoa! Trump ate his lunch and then some.

Everything Trump promised was music to our ears after two years of the utter nonsense coming out of Biden. And we know Trump keeps his promises. He even promised he could end the Ukraine War within days. He has the secret sauce but has to be president for it to occur. I seriously believe it. I do like DeSantis too, but his speeches lack the off-script dialog and humorous stories that Trump is able to pull off. Charisma is underrated. Trump’s got it; his opponents don’t. They may have the youth, gender, spunk, skin color, speak multiple languages, or government creds, but they don’t have Trump’s charisma or his proven success as president. I will support whoever wins the primary though.

If Trump wins the primary, expect the Deep State to come at him stronger than they did before as they know their time in government is about up. Chris Wray, Garland, Mayorkas, Buttigieg, Austin, Blinken, and many other secretaries will be the first to go. The FBI and Department of Education will have to be restaffed from the top on down. Men will not be able to compete in women’s professional sports. Bathrooms will be designated for Men or Women not both. Election reform laws will have to be passed.

The Wall will be completed, border closed, and laws enforced once and for all. Drilling, fracking, and coal mines will be working again. Keystone Pipeline will be completed. China will be held accountable for the release of the virus. Trump may not want to go after Fauci, but I think he needs to use the strategy of the “best defense is a good offence” this time. Prosecute Fauci and take away his pension. He’s made enough money off Big Pharma. Take them all out. Trump was too trusting last time and look what they did to him in return. No good deed goes unpunished was proved true again.

Trump said socialism has come and gone, now we are experiencing radical communism in America. If Democrats win again, we lose our country.