Biden “Had a Bad Day.”

Biden Had a Bad Day.

Yesterday Biden had a really bad day. Despite the media fawning all over this man and covering for all his foibles, he still can have a bad day now and then. Yesterday was one of them. He tried to address the public with another word smoothie all garbled and slurred together in his routine mushy-mouth manner but suddenly he seemed to short-circuit like a robot that malfunctioned. It was weird. He looked down and held his head up with his clasped hands until the camera stopped. “What is going on in this old guy’s mind?” we all collectively wondered. I was half waiting for smoke to spew out his ears.

Something’s happening here, and it ain’t exactly clear. There’s a man sitting over there pretending that he cares. But seriously now, his wife is clearly committing elder abuse as well as his staff. To put this man out daily in front of the camera with his stiff-legged Pinocchio gait is becoming pitiful to watch. It would be funny if it weren’t so cruel.

His redhead press secretary talks of bunny rabbits and ice cream in her answers to important questions, clearly a sign that she is losing it too. Everything is going against Biden now as his chickens are coming home to roost for cheating. Funny how that works. The truth will always prevail. But where does that leave the rest of us? Kammie hasn’t faired much better these days. She looks like a deer in the headlights when getting interviewed. She’s scared to death of the questions. How in the world did she debate with Mike Pence? That’s right, she lost.

The Supreme Court has ruled against his vaccine mandates for private businesses which was a no brainer yet Biden tried to push that on employees using OSHA as the means. OSHA usually checks out construction companies to make sure they are wearing hardhats and vests, not checking to see if they’ve been vaccinated. Nice try Biden. And his “Right to Cheat” bill got defeated too. He had a bad day.

Trouble is, we all see through him now. He’s not the mild-mannered grandpa that hid in his basement for fear of catching covid. He’s the angry old neighbor who yells at the kids for playing on his lawn. He’s George Wilson from the Dennis the Menace Show. He has no sense of humor like Trump does. Trump’s a stand up comedian compared to this grumpy old man. And the media used to call Trump mean.

It will be interesting to see where the chips fall this year. And they are falling fast. I don’t see this defeated man lasting much longer. He’s clearly depressed at a minimum and probably more serious and should be on antidepressant medication, if not already. He can’t handle many more of these bad days.

Can’t wait for Trump’s first rally of 2022 tomorrow covered by Newsmax. Where’s FOX these days?