Trump Was the Tasmanian Devil Last Night Spurred on by Joe’s Combative “Impeach Trump” Speech.


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When Biden gave a recent speech suggesting that Trump be impeached for various reasons, little did he know he’d be unleashing the fictional Tasmanian Devil at the Minnesota Rally.  Trump started out reading from his teleprompter then suddenly went off script first tearing into Strzok and Page, the lovers, and mocking their romantic emails.  It was hilarious.  But then he went after Sleepy Joe.

He said things about Biden that we’ve all thought, but were afraid to say aloud even to other Republicans.  He didn’t hold back.  Then he came up with a classic idea, a “Where’s Hunter?” tee shirt.  Someone should turn these out and make lots of money.  Trump is always spurring on the economy.

Trump’s cadance and voice changes were on the level of comedians and fictional characters.  To the average American, it was refreshing; to the snowflakes, liberals, and progressives, it was probably disgusting. Juan Williams’ face on FOX News said it all.  He looked visibly ill. The left has no sense of humor.

Trump slammed the mayor of Minneapolis who tried to keep him out of his town. He then went after Omar, the congresswoman who married her brother, committing immigration fraud.  Who else could point this out?  He asks why she’s still allowed to be in congress?  We all wonder that. She broke the law.  Why’s she not indicted?  The Democrats are always ‘above the law’ and conservatives are held accountable.  The double standard is blinding.

Then he revealed to the crowd of 20,000 that the candidate that is behind the whistleblower turns out to be none other than Joe Biden.  He called it a political hitjob and witchhunt coordinated by the Democrats.  The crowd groaned.  It’s no wonder that Trump went ballistic on Biden.  He barely mentioned Pinocchio Pocahontas this time.

Lastly, he got serious about pulling out of Syria and how hard it has been to see coffins coming home with parents crying.  He turned from Tasmanian Devil to Bambi. He expressed how hard it was to write the letters of condolence to the family of one that was killed in action.  It brought tears to my eyes at the thought as my mother lost her first husband in the war and how she must have felt at the time. He relays a convincing story; but unlike Lizzie Warren, his stories are actually true.

After the two-hour rally was over, the crowd dispersed and were met by angry, insane ANTIFA holding very strange signage and burning MAGA hats in the street.  One sign reading LockHimUp another TimesUp and Blacklivesmatter.  Old regurgitated slogans.  They don’t even know why they’re protesting apparently as their signs don’t make sense-a combination of Hillary and Weinstein and Kapernick.  Not original at all.  Was Soros paying them to show up? They were shouting obscenities and calling the police ‘pigs’ and throwing bottles at them.  The police seemed to be in a “stand down” position.  They weren’t arresting anyone.  Their mayor needs to step down. He’s a disgrace.

If the Democrats think going after our police and law and order is the ticket to win in 2020, it’s over.  Trump will win. Or as renowned actor Jon Voight said,

“This is a crime that the Left are trying to force,” he continued. “This is a disgrace by such ignorant followers that have no truth of what truly has been brought back to our country. We have gained greatness; we have gained jobs; we have gained more than any president has promised.” NWO Report

All in all it was an action-packed audience with a few protesters that were escorted out but the rest were well-behaved, but spirited, deplorables.  Even the Mypillow Guy was in the crowd enjoying every minute of it.