We Can’t Even Trust the Supreme Court.

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Supreme Court Justice John Roberts is working for the liberals. He will vote against conservative issues and Trump from now until election day.  He sided with Obama and the liberals on DACA.  Will he side with them on releasing a president’s tax returns and changing the Electoral College to help the Democrats too?  I don’t trust him.

John Roberts and Dr. Fauci are working for the other side, that is clear.  They want President Trump out and will do anything to ruin his chances. They are snakes in the grass. I thought Supreme Court rulings were supposed to be in accordance with the constitution not politics, but that ship has sailed.  We have a politicized supreme court.

Trump has done everything possible getting constitutional justices in the supreme court, but John Roberts is not one of them.  He was appointed by President Bush and all that that implies. He ruled in favor of Obamacare, and we’ve been suffering ever since.  He’s not to be trusted. Never trust a judge with a sly smirk on his face.

DACA children were brought into our country ILLEGALLY and not one reporter or anchor will say this.  They came ILLEGALLY by their parents.  What part of that do they not understand?  They are not citizens no matter what job they hold, or school they attend, or what welfare they receive. Trump just rescinded a policy that Obama enacted through “executive order” which is legal to do.  Congress didn’t vote on DACA.  The Supreme Court should have easily agreed with Trump if they had a non-biased brain, but they don’t.  They are not to be trusted.

What’s good for the Obama goose is not good for the Trump gander.  Trump rescinded Obama’s willy nilly executive order by executive order. But the Supreme Court called DACA a “landmark” law whereas Trump’s rescinding it is called capricious. Who got to Roberts?  That answer is obvious.  He’s been tainted.

The walls seem to be closing in all around Trump from police defunding to biased court decisions to disgruntled former cabinet members writing tell all books to cities being taken over by thugs to mayors quitting under pressure from BLM to governors keeping their state closed to the violence in the streets to the closing of schools to the media bashing Trump’s walk to the church, to the talk of mail-in voting to the rebirth of kneeling to the closing of churches to the crowd-shaming of rallies. Everything Trump has done for this country seems to be eroding all at once. His great economy disappeared within a week’s time and his law and order went kaput. Those were his pride and joy.

For the first time, I’m worried they will really steal the election from him now. We all need to pray for the president.  He needs our help. The truth will eventually prevail, but the president needs our help until it does.

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