How Many Unlawful Votes Are Acceptable to you?

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Is is ten, a thousand, ten thousand, a hundred thousand, 500 thousand, a million, ten million? You get where I’m going? The acceptable number should be ZERO unlawful votes, yet I’m hearing that every election has some fraud, and we just need to suck it up, concede, and unite. So what does this mean? Winner goes to the candidate that is the better cheater? Is this how our elections will go down from here on out? For every unlawful vote, it cancels out a lawful vote. So our vote may not have even counted. And that’s a national disgrace.

I think just the fact that there was premediated attempted fraud should disqualify the candidate that attempted it–Biden. Who wants a president that cheats? We already know he was on the take from China, Ukraine, Russia, and other countries using his son as the bagman. What’s a little voter fraud? But now we have to live under policies that he makes to enrich his family, donors, and cronies–Big Tech, Obama, Soros, China, Hillary, BLM, FOX, the media, and election workers? I…don’t…think…so.

The Supreme Court needs to look at our election process to see if it was conducted constitutionally; and if it was not, they need to rule against the candidate that benefited from breaking the constitutional laws of our election process–Biden. I haven’t heard of one vote being changed illegally in favor of Trump. Not one. Amazing! That alone tells us that it is Biden who broke the election laws and Biden who needs to forfeit his illegal win. It is analogous to a football team that won the Super Bowl but later found to have cheated. Game win goes to the other team. It’s a no brainer.

Mayors in the suspect states passed some illegal election laws days before the election allowing for fraud to take place. They bypassed the legislators who are supposed to pass election laws making their new laws illegal. This is what the Trump legal team are using to get thousands of ballots disqualified that came in or benefitted from these new laws. This was done in many states. It was in simple terms a good old fashion ballot stuffing like in the Old Wild West.

Let’s hope that the Supreme Court will take the case. Amy ruled against Cuomo yesterday allowing for churches to remain open. Roberts, however, is voting where he feels comfortable with the radical left. Amy has allowed the true John Roberts to emerge. He’s not conservative, never was. He wants Trump out so bad he can taste it. Watch for him to vote against Trump in any election fraud cases that come before him.

There was so much widespread voter fraud that I think the Supreme Court should rule for a revote with “in-person, voter ID, signature match required, citizens only” in the suspicious states. I wouldn’t mind voting again to get it right. They should require the Biden Campaign to pay for it. Then we’ll see who the real winner is. The Dominion machines would have to be removed prior to the revote. Whatever machines they used in the past would have to be installed. Computers seem to be the downfall of our election system. We got too high tech allowing for hacking and manipulation of our votes. All we need is a paper ballot with a reader and counting machine. No chads, no sharpies, no mail-in, no touch-screen computers, no early voting– just back to basics. Then we’ll see who wins. What are they afraid of?

If a revote was done, I think we’d find a substantial difference in the total vote numbers and in who they went for. It would be astonishing. I think Wisconson, Michigan, Nevada, Arizona, Virginia, Georgia, even New Mexico and California would have quite a different outcome. I think the Red Wave would come crashing on shore. And remarkably the total number of people voting would be millions less than we show now. Millions to ten million less–much like we had in 2016.

Happy Thanksgiving. Pray for Trump. Pray for our country. Ask your dinner guests how many unlawful votes are acceptable to them? Watch them squirm.