Trump’s Presidency Was Scandal-Free.

Smelling Like a Rose

Really, it was! Why am I writing this? Just to annoy the left. But it’s 100% true. Trump governed strictly by the constitution and never broke any laws while being president. Sure, he allegedly made a few off-the-cuff misunderstood remarks that were said in private or at rallies like, shithole countries, find some votes that got flipped from my column, if you have Hillary’s emails you’ll make a reporter real happy, there are good people on both sides of this issue, the virus will be gone by Easter, or let’s march to the capitol and let our voices be heard; but he never conspired to commit a crime. He never would and never did.

He never weaponized the IRS to target liberal nonprofit groups, never allowed the Veteran’s Administration to ignore vets awaiting treatment, never allowed the General Services Department to waste taxpayers’ money on lavish junkets, never planned a secret gun running operation (Fast and Furious) into Mexico, never built cages to house children of illegals coming over the border, never weaponized the FBI, CIA, and NSA to spy on his opponents (Operation Crossfire Hurricane), never ignored two terror attacks by Al Qaeda prior to 9-11, never had a sex scandal in the White House, never incentivized illegals to come to America by offering freebies, never sexually assaulted or groped an intern, and never went into any wars with other countries.

He never held back aid to a foreign country in exchange for firing a prosecutor, never helped ISIS continue their terror by shipping them Toyota trucks, never took lavish vacations on the taxpayers’ dime, never gave grants to donors to start up companies that failed (Solyndra), never honored a deserter that went AWOL in the Army, never flew billions of dollars on pallets to Iran, never once told the military or police to stand down when under attack, never sold access to himself to another country through his children or siblings, and never sent a note to the FBI asking them to run interference for him by creating a scandal on his presidential opponent.

He never appointed a special counsel to look into his opponent’s collusion with another country, never lied to America by calling a terror attack a spontaneous protest over a hateful video, never weaponized the FBI to arrest his opponent’s friends in the wee hours of the morning, never used the FBI to entrap his opponent’s friends, never lied under oath to congress, never spent millions on a fake salacious dossier on his opponent, never destroyed 33,000 subpoenaed emails, never signed a FISA warrant to spy on his opponents, and never doctored evidence presented to a FISA court, never colluded with the media and social media to spread false news or bury the news, and never conspired with others to use mail in ballots to steal an election. Phew! That’s a lot crimes he didn’t commit! Isn’t this marvelous?!

Those crimes were all committed by his predecessors, opponents, and those in the Deep State, but they never got charged. So you see, The Trump Presidency got a bad rap while his predecessors, opponents, and Deep State got off scot-free. Trump had a scandal- free four years. Despite all the crap they tried to pin on him, he comes out smelling like a rose. Scandal Free.

I’m sure this blog would be upsetting to the liberals. But that was my intent. We never forget.

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