Vote to End Woke Party of Death.

The Progressive Democrat Liberal Socialist Woke Party (or what ever the ef they call themselves) has to get a mandate from the right. One that will stop the green energy program in its tracks and send Nancy and her ilk packing.

They are the Party of Death. Death to unborn children, to fossil fuel, to law and order, to free speech, to equal protection under the law, to the economy, to election integrity, to unity, to checks and balances in government, to war on drugs, to closed borders, to faith, to white heterosexuals, to end of racism, to strong military, to common sense, to the Golden Rule, to funding police, to the constitution, to freedom, to peace through strength, to prosperity, to education, to gender identity, to women’s sports, to honesty in journalism, to small business, to tax cuts, and death to America.

Let’s send them a message they’ll never forget. Vote out the Woke.