If “Mail-in” Voting is Anything Like the Census Forms…Forget About It.


white and grey voting day sign
Photo by Element5 Digital on Pexels.com

The Census Forms have been sent to our principal residence and our second home too.  The government sends them out to every address.  If the voting forms are handled the same way (and I can only assume they will be), there will be potential for fraud.  Ballots will be sent to your previous address and your current address and some devious person may send in your ballot. Ballot harvesting should be illegal. Someone coming to your door or sidewalk to fill out a ballot for you opens the potential for bribery.  There’s plenty of evidence of past fraud committed by “mail-in” voting despite what the Washington Post and CNN says. They are fake news and lie for a living.

For Twitter to censure Trump’s comment on this subject is outrageous! Trump is telling the truth. And the censure-guy they hired is some LBGTQT activist with an ax to grind.  He has tweeted vile comments about conservatives and shouldn’t be allowed on twitter himself.  He’s a friggin’ joke.

Voting should be done in person with your ID shown preferably on one day only so that your vote can’t be tampered with by the receiver of your mail-in ballot.  I don’t know why “they” changed the voting day to “early voting” but this has become a problem.  Voting should be one day only “in person” with an ID standing in line six feet from the other voter.  Masks optional but may not be an issue in November.

Open up more voting polls and this will solve the problem of overcrowding.  Those that are sick or home bound, can apply weeks before for an “absentee ballot”.  This is the way it used to be done, and it worked. Those citizens not on the register will have to apply for a “provisional” ballot to be determined later if they are legit. But they should’ve re-registered once they moved.

Voter ID is a must.  We can’t have illegals voting in our election again like they did in California running up the popular vote. Otherwise, illegals will be recruited to come over the border prior to election day.  We also don’t want prisoners voting in our election.  They are in prison for a reason and lost their right to vote. We don’t want the deceased voting in our election; therefore, one must show their ID at the voting booth.

These are simple solutions to the election problem.  If they can’t be followed, maybe there’s something nefarious going on.  An employer will let one leave early to vote on voting day. No need for voter holiday. People are reasonable. Leave the polls open longer, if needed. There should be no excuses why one can’t vote. Quit crying Democrats about your safety.  We know what you’re up to, and you’re up to no good. Don’t you want an honest election?  Of course, not.