Blatant Lies We’ve Been Told.

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Before we go to the voting polls in 35 days, let’s refresh our memories of some of the numerous blatant and outrageous lies we’ve been told by the Democrats, the media, the FBI, the DOJ, and the White House for the last six years without one apology.

In no particular order:

  1. “The border is closed and secure.”
  2. “Gasoline prices are coming down.”
  3. “Inflation is only transient.”
  4. “We aren’t teaching critical race theory in schools.”
  5. “Trump tried to prevent the transfer of power on January 6th by inciting an insurrection.”
  6. “The Hunter Laptop was Russia Disinformation.”
  7. “I’ve never discussed Hunter’s business with him.”
  8. “Biden received 81 million legitimate votes in 2020.”
  9. “Seth Rich was killed during a random street mugging.”
  10. “My deleted emails were about yoga and Chelsea’s wedding.”
  11. “We aren’t targeting parents at school board meetings.”
  12. “We never spied on Trump’s campaign.”
  13. “DeSantis botched the evacuation of Ft. Meyers prior to Hurricane Ian.”
  14. “Russia’s war and oil companies are responsible for rise in gas prices.”
  15. “The Inflation Reduction bill will bring inflation down and pay for itself.”
  16. “The economy is booming and everyone is working.”
  17. “We inherited a broken immigration system.”
  18. “Biden is so full of energy, we can barely keep up with him.”
  19. “Justice Kavanaugh is a sexual predator.”
  20. “Domestic white terrorism is the biggest threat to America today.”
  21. “Black Lives Matter protests are mostly peaceful.”
  22. “Jussie Smollett was attacked by MAGA hat wearing white guys.”
  23. “Border Control Agents whipped migrants with horse reins.”
  24. “Trump and his family enriched themselves while he was in office.”
  25. “Trump told people to ingest Clorox to kill covid 19.”
  26. “Covid 19 did not come from a Wuhan Lab in China.”
  27. “Our mission to withdraw troops from Afghanistan was successful.”
  28. “We don’t know who bombed the Nord Stream pipeline.”
  29. “President Trump stole classified documents and nuclear secrets from the White House.”
  30. “Trump called white supremacists ‘good people’ in Charlottesville.”
  31. “General Flynn lied to the FBI and Lieutenant Vindman is a hero for testifying against Trump.”
  32. “The president has never supported Defunding the Police.”

I mean, just one of these lies would put most administrations out of business once they were discovered to be untrue; but not this administration! There are probably many more lies but you get the point. They lie in plain sight and are proud of it. We are so used to them lying that we don’t even call them out anymore like when Biden asked, “Where’s Jackie?” and his press secretary said, ‘It was top of mind.” That’s not even a phrase, but we let her repeat it over and over.

So let’s remember what they’ve put our country through with all these lies, impeachments, commissions, withdrawals, coverups, schemes, and special counsels. They have cost us hundreds of billions with these scandals. Vote the liars out so we can turn back the clock to about two years before covid came over which seems like lifetime ago. Or as I call it, the good ol’ days.