The Persecution of Conservatives by the FBI, DOJ, and the Media.

From Catholics to school board attendees to Trump rally goers to FBI/IRS whistleblowers to Pro-Life organizations to election deniers to Good Samaritans to the police to conservative governors to gun advocates to closed border advocates to women sports advocates and to victims of crime on our streets, they are all persecuted by the weaponized FBI and DOJ which is nothing more than an arm of the Democrat Party and do their bidding.

If a few whistleblowers come forward, they are also persecuted, fired, salary revoked, and unable to seek new employment. This is not the America I grew up in. This is Communism. Forget Socialism. That ship has sailed now that Biden became president. He is the leader of the Communist Party as he is beholden to Communist China.

Who would have thunk that this senile, old man could do so much damage to our country in a mere two years. Don’t give him any more time to do more damage, or we’ll be spending the next four years in committee hearings trying to expose all the damage he has done.

Let’s get the culprits involved in the Russia Collusion hoax held accountable for starts, then work on the other scams afterwards. One scam, sham, and setup at a time. But while the GOP is trying to get to the bottom of all their dirty deeds, don’t be surprised if we are persecuted by our liberal friends and family for going along with all these investigations. What goes around, comes around. It’s our turn. The difference is the GOP has truth on their side, not lies, schemes, retribution, and scandals.

Watch the liberal media try to debunk everything that came out in the Durham Report. They will dismiss, bury, ridicule, and debate Durham’s findings as nothing more than MAGA-induced garbage. The minute low information voters hear the word MAGA, they become tainted or suspect. This report was not influenced by Trump in any way. If it had been, it would have come out prior to the 2020 election. Everything was held until after the 2020 election: the vaccines, the Laptop from Hell, the origin of covid, and now the Durham Report. All held back to hurt Trump in 2020. Conspiracy? I think so.