Could This Be Joe on December 8th…


Maybe, as Joe is sitting in the catbird seat right now and acting real smug since the media has crowned him with a media-made title of “president elect.” But not so fast!

Now imagine the Yankees are the Republicans and the Royals are the Democrats. Trump is Coach Billy Martin of the Yankees and Joe Biden is hitter George Brett. The umpires are lawyers from both sides with the home plate ump being AG Barr. Trump notices something funny with Biden’s bat after he hit a homerun which surely secured a win for the Royals in the ninth inning. The umps run over to give it a looksee and find it covered with pine tar. The video says it all.

Brett was resting on his laurels until the ump called him out and took away his homerun. Cheaters don’t look very happy when they’re caught. This is known as the Pine Tar Incident.

We are going through the bat inspection period right now and George Brett and the Royals need to sit quietly and not be claiming a win. If they keep calling Billy Martin a baby or a poor sport this could turn out bad for them. There was cheating in broad daylight not even trying to hide it both in the baseball game and in the election. That’s what could bring the Democrats down like it did the Royals.

The Royals ended up appealing the ruling and were able to replay their game another time starting at the same score. The point is, if Biden really is in the right, better to keep quiet until every legal vote is counted; and if he is still ahead, congratulations. Wouldn’t he feel much better to win without a cloud of suspicion hanging over him? What are they so angry and afraid of? What’s the big bum’s rush about?

Trump went through four years of a Russia Collusion hanging over his head while he ran the country, surely these snowflakes can endure a month of scrutiny. Otherwise, heaven forbid, someone might call Biden an illegitimate president for four years! And that would just be unkind. It is almost ironic that the shoe is on the other foot now, and they obviously don’t like how it feels. Only this time, there is solid, direct evidence of fraud, unless my eyes are really lying.

Conversely, I don’t want to hear from celebrities and RINOs that Trump needs to concede. Even Hillary wouldn’t give that advice or at least she told Biden not to, ever.

This video was played on Newsmax as they are all over this voter fraud, unlike FOX. FOX News has been carrying the water for Biden lately. I’m sure it has to do with the owner’s wife who posted “WE DID IT!” once FOX called the election for Biden. Well…FOX might have done it, but the people and the law can UNDO IT! The media doesn’t pick our president. The legal votes do.

Real Clear Politics has removed Pennsylvania from Biden’s win column which means Biden is not the projected winner any longer. And he’s never been the fake title of “president elect,” but he does like copying which is similar to stealing. His followers may have taken a page from his playbook that it’s okay to steal.