Where’ Fauci????

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The Darling of the Left is Missing.

We used to ask where’s Hunter? but we finally found him up to his old tricks of selling access to his corrupt father by blowing paint onto canvas and selling it to undisclosed foreign buyers. Duh! Now we have to wonder where the God of the Left is when congress holds a meeting on none other than the origin of the coronavirus that killed millions. “Mr. Authority-of-all-things-virus”, didn’t show at the meeting nor did any of his cohorts in the socialist party. If this doesn’t reek of guilt, I don’t know what does. Is he in the witness protection program?

Let’s face it, we got duped by both covid and Fauci. He led us down the wrong path. There is evidence coming out that Fauci knew of the virus back in September of 2019 and didn’t tell Trump who would have banned travel from China earlier on as well as cruises. In fact, there’s an old tape of him predicting that a deadly virus was coming to our shores, almost as though he was trying to take preemptive credit for being clairvoyant. Fauci has the blood of millions on his hands now and has been caught. Will our feckless DOJ come after him? No. He’d rather waste time going after Georgia’s new voting laws. He’s another pawn for the left.

The left is getting angry and desperate because everything they have touched has turned sour. They try to blame their failures onto Trump, to no avail. They have egg on their faces for cheating in an election, covering for China, crisis at the border, embracing BLM and Antifa, increasing crime, and rising energy costs and all our goods. Biden sucks as president and the socialists know it. They have nothing left to do other than hide.

The fact that Fauci knew a strong strain of coronavirus was coming soon makes us wonder how he knew? Was he in contact with President Xi, the lab, or both? What was he keeping from us? And why? Did he want to effect the next election? If so, he was nothing more than a fly in the ointment in the covid task force. Who else knew about the virus coming to our shores? Bill Gates? Obama? Hillary? Biden? Who was part of this conspiracy to hurt America and, therefore, Trump? Who benefitted from the virus? Biden, China, and the left.

Now that we are getting to the bottom of the truth, Fauci is no where to be heard from. Amazing. Mr. Know-It-All goes silent. Fauci will soon end up atop the pile heap of forgotten “darlings of the left” along with Comey, Avenatti, Balsey Ford, Weinstein, Weiner, Lauer, and Cohen.

There are a few other people in the witness protection program. Where’s Durham? Where’s Ashli Babbitt’s murderer?