Today’s Press Conference Agenda:

A Big Nothing Burger.

Blame Trump. Screen questions. Scripted and rehearsed answers. No follow up. Giggle or dismiss difficult questions. Softball questions. Preselected reporters. A few “come on, man’s.” And lots of lies. Basically a big nothing burger.

If America is waiting with bated breath for the first time asking questions to Biden without his teleprompter, you may be disappointed. He’ll come out so rehearsed in his pat answers with no follow up your head will explode. He’ll quickly move onto the next question leaving you wondering why he didn’t answer the last one truthfully.

For instance, he’ll repeat the lie that Trump handed them a mess at the border that will take some time to clear up. No honest person believes this answer but the press core will not dispute it. Onto the next question. “Why have you left up the razor fence in front of the capitol building for so long?”

Because violent white supremacists are the biggest threat to America now. The reporters won’t dispute this answer, and he’ll move onto the next question.

“Why during a pandemic would you allow covid-positive illegals into our country?”

They are thoroughly tested, and we are a compassionate country that will treat them humanely unlike the previous administration.

No questions on the continued violence from Antifa and BLM. No questions on the questionable results of the last election. No questions on his cognitive condition or the meds he takes. No questions on why he promised no ones taxes will go up making under $400,000 a year. No questions on the continued mask mandate even though we’re vaccinated. No questions on why schools continue to be closed yet they received stimulus money. No questions on the retaliation against Trump supporters like putting them on a “no fly list” because they are antigovernment. No questions on whether or not ISIS is recruiting terrorists in our country again, just gun control.

So you see, it will be more of the same ol’ same ol’, pass the buck, it’s not our fault, Trump did it, and look the other way. Save your popcorn for something more relevant. This will be a snoozer. We will leave this press conference feeling more disappointed than when we turned it on. But what we expected. They can’t answer any questions truthfully because there is no excuse for the policies they have implemented other than vindictiveness. No excuse. And people are starting to awaken to this administration’s hypocrisy, vengefulness, and divisiveness. They can’t hide it much longer.

Stay tuned.

YAWN. That was one of the most uninformative pressers in history. He fumbled through papers looking for answers to read. “Um” was his favorite refrain. At one point he sighed and said, “Anyway.” He snubbed FOX and Newsmax reporters for obvious reasons. Most of the questions were about the filibuster or the crisis at the border which he blamed on Trump. Then one long extended answer on China. Biden rambled on with his pat speeches trying to kill time then threw in the use of some big words to throw us off like paradigm and autocracy. Then he looked at his watch which is always the kiss of death for a president. It showed that he was ready for nappy time.

He ridiculed Trump on more than one occasion even sarcastically saying, “My predecessor? God I miss him.” So condescending, dismissive, and jealous of Trump.

It was totally self-serving garbage filled with lies. His repeated line of the afternoon was “to get things done.” That’s his motto.