Are Californians Really That Dumb?


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I’m shocked to hear that Bernie Sanders is leading in the polls in California!  They are supposed to be a bellwether state. They were trendsetters, forward thinkers, at one time.  Is this the direction California wants the rest of America to go?  I think not. They used to set the pace for the rest of the nation. From what I’ve heard lately; however, I wouldn’t take a stock tip from a Californian. I’m embarrassed to say “I’m a native San Franciscan” now.

They’ve been dumbed down by liberal governors and mayors of sanctuary cities.  They’ve been dumbed down by Hollywood setting trends that are harmful to our youth. They’ve been dumbed down by the liberal education in schools and colleges. And they’ve been really dumbed down by years of fake news like MSNBC, NBC, CBS, ABC, CNN, NYTimes, other liberal newspapers, Facebook, and Yahoo News.

Just the fact that Bernie Sanders, a self-proclaimed socialist, is leading in the polls is disturbing as I wonder which one of my friends would actually vote for him if it comes down to Bernie vs Trump.  Then the fact that Biden won in South Carolina shocked me too.  The guy is getting more senile by the minute.  He actually said at a small town hall, “If a woman takes all her clothes off here, a man does not have the right to touch her.” NO shit Sherlock! This comment alone shows his mind is flowing down the gutter and heading for the catch basin.  No telling what other thoughts are swirling around the hair-sniffer’s mind.

Californians need to use all that education they’ve had to come to the realization that Bernie is not good for our country, that “Medicare for all” is not good for our country,  that paying off someone else’s loans is not good for our country, that free college for all is not good for our country, that weakening our military is not good for our country, that getting back in that Nuclear deal with Iran is not good for our country, that putting restrictive regulations on vehicles is not good for our country, that getting back in the Paris Accord is not good for our country, that open borders are not good for our country, and that reversing our tax cuts is not good for anyone!

They also need to realize that allowing prisoners to vote is not good for our country,  that the “green new deal” is not good for our country, that ending fossil fuel production is not good for our country, that elimination of cows is not good for our country. The aforementioned alone would bankrupt our country turning us into a third world country much like Venezuela whereby we’d be standing in line for toilet paper and weakening us on the world stage.

Wake up California and smell the coffee.  Stop trying to get rid of Trump.  We are better off with Trump than any other candidate you have put forward.  Use your common sense and swallow your “hate Trump pride” and grow a brain.  Voting for one social issue is never the way to vote.  Never.  Stick with what is working.  Trump is working for America.  None of your candidates are.  They are working for themselves.

Some of these dumb voters said they want a president who tells us the truth about coronavirus.  Trump has told us the truth and has prevented untold amount of cases from coming over from China but gets no credit.  He didn’t say the virus was a hoax, he said blaming it on him is just another hoax like Russia and Ukraine. But the media continues to spread another falsehood.  The left will use the coronavirus against Trump if it doesn’t go well in the U.S.  It’s a cheap shot but all they have left.  In fact, they are looking for negative news to lower the stock market. They are pessimists.

Stop being so dumb California.  Don’t vote for socialism.  When in doubt, vote Trump. He is working for YOU–not to ruin our country like the rest of the Democrat candidates are.