Biden’s Agenda So Far:

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Soft on crime. Open border surge blamed on Trump. Loosen election laws. No voter ID. Segregation in college. Masks after vaccinations. Higher taxes for all. High gas prices. Millions of undocumented Democrats coming over the border. Companies fleeing the United States. Gun confiscation. Wealth tax. Pathway to citizenship for illegals. Sanctuary cities. Virtue signaling. White shame. Defund police and ICE. Reward School Unions. Reward prisoners. Weaken the military. Eliminate genders. Statue removal. Unemployment bonuses. Energy dependency. Men in women’s sports. Ignore the violence of BLM and Antifa. Punish Trump supporters. Erase Trump’s name from history. Permanent security at Capitol. No security at our border. Disrespect religious rights. Disrespect American Flag and National Anthem. End freedom of speech. Needless wars.

Did I miss anything? In short, Biden’s agenda is the opposite of what Trump did or was trying to achieve. But we knew what we were getting with Biden and the media needs to stop acting surprised. America got what they deserved. Supreme Court got what they deserved. Congress got what they deserved. Governors got what they deserved. And, yes, We the People got what we deserved by allowing political correctness and naiveté to result in the election fraud that occurred. We were being too nice (too PC) by allowing mail in ballots and all that that entails.

It’s too late now. We are stuck with him or her, doesn’t matter which one of them is at the helm. We will get the same radical result. It’s almost impossible to watch what is going on in the news. The bias the MSM shows towards White people. Whites are becoming the New Minority. We are discriminated against at every turn now under this administration. With the teaching of White Privilege and White Supremacy in our schools and in social media our children are beginning to wish they were born a different race. We will probably be told to sit in the back of the bus or plane soon. And we’ll do it. This is probably their intention to get Whites to hate themselves and to capitulate to their demands. They got the nation to wear masks willy nilly. White shame and White guilt is next.

I don’t have White guilt nor will I ever. My grandparents never owned slaves nor discriminated against Blacks. They were just hardworking immigrants that came to our country the legal way. Learned the language and took the proper steps towards legalization. Nothing to be ashamed of. Oh sure, I like a good tan and used baby oil as a teen together with QT, the orange hand turning quick tanning lotion.

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But no amount of brainwashing by the media and our school system can change my mind. I don’t think we should have to pay reparations to the Blacks in any form as the Blacks of today were never slaves and we have no idea if their ancestors were. We gave them many opportunities with affirmative action and low cost housing initiatives over the years for them to better themselves. And many did. We even elected one President of the United States. So we aren’t a racist country. Unfortunately, Welfare has been a crutch to many and actually held them back. They are on their own now.

So you see, now that we are living Biden’s Agenda for the nation, we can no longer act shocked or surprised. His plan was never Build Back Better. It was Make America Weak Again. MAWA. We all saw it coming. We allowed it to happen. That’s the only thing we should be ashamed of, not our color.