Who are “The Squad” really?

mount rushmore
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com


There are all kinds of terrorists: Killing Terrorists like ISIS and Al-Qaida, Financial Terrorists who set out to ruin the economy like Obama and Sanders, Domestic Terrorists like Antifa and Black Lives Matter, and now we have Constitution and American Values Terrorists like Omar, Cortez, and those intending to abolish or censure our statues, murals, movies, and U.S. History books.

They hate and wish to abolish our Constitution, the Supreme Court, the Electoral College, Borders, ICE, Law Enforcement, Social Injustice, Religions, Conservatives, Rule of Law, Pro-Life, and our Justice System.  They have been planted to ruin America as we have known it for years. Who planted them?  Soros, who knows?  They have infiltrated themselves like snakes slithering into the House, and we’ll have to deal with them until they are voted out by more sensible voters. If they had their way we’d be an “Anything Goes/Live and Let Live Society” with no police, judges, courts, constitution, congress, or president. Basically a Third World Country.

When did all this crazy start?  In 2004 after Gore lost, he was angry and conjured up The Inconvenient Truth which was played on all our college campuses and was required watching. He made millions from this farce movie.  Many of the students fell for it, and now they’re in their thirties.  Nothing can change their minds about climate change.

Climate Change is just code word for Liberalism. It was originally called Global Warming but that didn’t pan out like the “scientists” predicted. The students bought into it hook, line, and sinker.  They think anyone who doesn’t believe the Earth is dying in twelve years or sooner as Prince Charles now predicts, is an idiot.  Maybe the Prince is trying to scare the Queen into resigning.  Who knows? So most of Trump supporters are idiots or as Cortez called us “garbage.”  When you hear what these loons on the street think about Omar and Cortez, they sound like Central Casting for Gore’s brainwashed followers only they are buying into anti-constitution and anti-American Values.  It’s shocking.

These students have thought this crazy for too long, and it was accelerated under the Obama Administration with the Climate Paris Accord hoax and the stiff emission regulations put on the auto industry.  Now these students have jobs as teachers, professors, and in the media indoctrinating the next generation.  Cortez doesn’t make many sensible remarks or arguments.  She talks in circles and backpedals soon afterwards. She is the epitome of a bull-h-t artist.  We have all known those types.  They talk gobbledygook.  But the young impressionable minds out there that Gore sucked in, are now getting sucked in by her.  She is the product of Gore’s movie, no doubt, in the worst way.

“See that ye be not troubled: for all these things must come to pass, but the end is not yet.”  Matthew 24:6-8

Let’s hope it’s sooner than later for the likes of “The Squad.”