Who is Mass Shooter DeWayne Craddock and Why is the Media Protecting His Identity?

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It took a lot of searching to find out anything about this gunman but still no picture of him.  Why is that?  Reverse discrimination?  Usually when there’s a mass shooting by the White guy, the media is quick to point that out together with implying that he is a “right winger” when they don’t even know that.  They always error on the side of the left and show a disregard for the right.  Since there was no mention that he was White, I knew something was up.

The media protects Blacks that commit crimes, and they really protect Blacks who are mass shooters.  It may be because of this politically correct climate we live in now or may be something more nefarious going on.  When a Black shoots a cop, it is not known for days, if ever.  The media goes after the NRA first, then Republicans law makers, when reality is this perp was a Democrat.

The article I finally found stated that DeWayne was a Black Democrat, recently divorced, possibly fired.  But not one picture of him. It also went on to explain: “Statistics show that it is rare for Black people to perpetrate mass shootings.”  Really?  Maybe in the past, but not any more. And they are also not immune to being serial killers.  It’s called equality which is what they wanted.

Who tells the media to stand down on a story?  Who’s doing this? If they can’t blame Trump for the shooting, they bury the true story.  Someone is hiding the race of Black suspects while immediately outing all White suspects.  The same protection is given to Hispanic suspects.

Remember how the media called the killer of Travon Martin a White guy for weeks even though he was Hispanic. They wanted it to be a White on Black murder in order to fan the flames of racial discord which was Obama’s secret mission.  And if a serial killer is an illegal Mexican like in Carson City, NV, last year, the media buried his illegal status.

For all we know this DeWayne character may have joined alliance with ISIS, but it will not be reported.  All they say is no motive for the shootings.  It sounds more like he went postal on all his former co-workers.  But why won’t the media show his picture?  Blacks along with Muslims are the protected races now.

This treating Blacks with kid gloves and throwing Whites to the wolves has to stop.  We are in the middle of reverse discrimination and no one even notices it.  I’ve seen it sneaking up on us for years.  More and more, Blacks are the “chosen ones” in college applications, in sports, and in the job market.  It makes the employer feel good to hire a Black over another qualified individual.  Just like those who voted for Obama to feel good about themselves.  Just like how Elizabeth Warren gamed the system with her American Indian claim.  This all started in the 70’s.

Once while working for a utility company, I put in a transfer to another department and was accepted.  I went on vacation before the new job was to start.  But while I was gone, a Black with no experience in my field filed a grievance.  He wanted my job although it was out of his league.  When I returned, I was told they’d given the job to an unqualified Black employee.  Being a young woman at the time, I didn’t want to make waves.  I looked for a new job and quit two weeks later.  It was the best career move I’d ever made and should thank my lucky stars, but was still the result of reverse discrimination as the company had no guts and was afraid of a Black discrimination lawsuit.

Little by little, we allow this kind of stuff to occur and then it marinates.  When we don’t stand up for ourselves, we get walked over and our descendants will too.  I should have been the one filing the lawsuit as they promised me a new position.  They broke a promise and acted guilty when I returned.  But being true to my nature, I felt sorry for the way they got bamboozled, so I silently punished them by quitting.  The best revenge is success, so I went on to a much better career than if I had stayed.  Sometimes we change jobs out of inspiration; other times, out of desperation.

I could have filed a discrimination against women lawsuit.  But I wasn’t a feminist and never wanted to be associated with that title.

Let’s face it.  Trump has been the victim of reverse discrimination ever since he won the election. The media maligns him daily with no repercussions just because he replaced a Black president. If he were Black and Democrat, none of these false accusations against him would ever have been made.

Let’s not allow the media, schools, and employers to treat Blacks more fairly than Whites.  We should all be treated the same.  It’s called equality.  Let’s not let the pendulum swing to the extreme other side. If we’re not careful, Whites will soon be the ones sitting at the back of the bus and not allowed to drink from the same drinking fountains.  It’s slowly swinging that way. :/  And Whites will become a minority due to the flooding of our borders by South Americans.

BUILD THE WALL and build it fast!

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