“Racist” is Overused and Misused by the Left.

Photo by Quintin Gellar on Pexels.com

Black truckers, firefighters, police officers, and parents are not racist. The progressive Left seem to think the second a black puts on a police or firefighting uniform or step into a big rig or attend a school board meeting you give up the color of your skin. This is how they treat those that do. They bundle them into an imaginary “racist” category. Look what Trudeau is calling all the truckers in the Canadian Freedom Convoy. Horrible, uncalled for names.

Hardworking people do not give up the color of their skin just because they take a conservative stance or a job as a police officer. Larry Elder, when he ran for governor of California, was called a black white supremacist. Two of the police officers involved in the George Floyd accidental murder were people of color but labeled racist too. Ben Carson was called an Uncle Tom. When we start labeling blacks and Hispanics as being “racist against blacks” then everyone is racist. If everyone is racist, no one is racist.

The word racist has lost its meaning. Whoopi was half right. Jewish people were persecuted in Germany for being Jewish, not black, but the usual term is Antisemitism; could also be labeled racist. She was debating a distinction without a difference. Although Jewish check the White box on the census form, they are still considered a minority without the perks that the African Americans have gotten.

Whoopi sort of dismissed many years of persecution that the Jewish have endured with one stupid comment. I think she tried to claim the mantle that blacks are the only race discriminated against, which fell flat. Similarly, when Biden said Trump was being racist for banning flights from other countries [of people that weren’t black], the term racist can be used for the Jewish discrimination as well. The term Racist is overused and sometimes misused. Whoopi showed her true colors though of being an anti-Semitic despite her fake last name. Her Jewish surname helped her advance in the movie industry just as Elizabeth Warren checked a bogus American Indian box to advance her career. These Dems take the identity politics to the extreme.

The tide seems to be turning though. The chickens are coming home to roost. Anti-Trump CNN is sinking faster than the fishing boat in The Perfect Storm with Zucker abandoning ship. Truckers across Canada are showing their power in numbers against vaccine mandates. Reports are finally coming out that the covid shutdowns saved no lives but put many companies out of business and increased unemployment. Reports are also surfacing that Jeff Epstein was murdered in order to silence him regarding the Clintons. Police are standing together against the obvious increase in cop shootings caused by the detrimental rhetoric from main stream media. Rachel Maddow is taking a leave of absence from MSNBC. And the clouds are breaking and sun shining through.

Scandinavian countries are ending all covid restrictions. Herd immunity is kicking in. Mask mandates are being exposed for what they are: photo op for elected officials and means of control over the masses. More evidence of voter fraud is being authenticated in the 2020 election especially the Drop Boxes. Fauci is being exposed for what he is, a bureaucratic hack who says what he is told to say and not based on science. Happy days are almost here again. The truth will always prevail.

Biden tried to steal a page from Obama’s playbook by supposedly taking out an ISIS leader holed up in a building in Syria [that was in no way a threat to us, despite what Biden says.] Trump put an end to ISIS. He’s looking for news to take the focus off his feeble presidency pulled around by his wife. We call this “Wagging the Dog.”

Expect more of this feigned use of power to get the story off of Russia and Ukraine. Who or what they bombed in Syria, no one will ever know. Could be an empty building for all they tell us. Just like when they bombed a car full of children after the Afghanistan debacle to show strength. We’re having the wool pulled over our eyes daily by this woke military led by this feeble administration. I don’t believe a word they say. But the tide is slowly turning in our favor. Even the sheep and gullibles are pulling the wool off their eyes. Welcome to the party, pals.

People of any color need to be respected in any job or position they hold. Publicly calling anyone racist should be made a crime.