California Needs to Get Used to Losing…

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like they did last night at the Super Bowl.  Lick those wounds now and get ready for more. As a native San Franciscan I was sorry the 49ers lost, but they do need to focus on more important things like their homeless problem.  San Francisco streets are riddled with homeless tents, feces, urine, and needles. How could they have a parade if they did win?  It wouldn’t be fair to the spectators.  SF needs to clean up their act before expecting to win at the Super Bowl.

I suspect most of the players live in the city in fancy accommodations and the filth doesn’t bother them.  Just because something doesn’t affect you doesn’t make it okay to turn a blind eye. They make lots of money playing on the 49ers and could come up with a plan to help house these vagrants.  It would be a much more noble of an enterprise than winning the Super Bowl or having the first female coach.

If they had won the Super Bowl, most likely they would choose not to go to the White House if invited.  That would be an ungrateful move on their part.  But the SF 49ers are liberal first and athletes second. As a typical liberal, they would have to show support for their liberal city by not going to the WH.  Sad and ungrateful.

Why is President Trump the most unappreciated President in modern history?  “No good deed goes unpunished” comes to mind and has never before been more evident.  All the good deeds he has done from donating his salary to the booming economy has gone unnoticed and unrewarded by the left.  Why do liberals not show appreciation for a job well done or talent?  I’ve often thought about this.  Why are they so unappreciative which translates into being cruel?

I notice Hollywood is upset that the Senate couldn’t get the votes to call more witnesses.  They’re blaming every senator that voted against it.  These senators actually saved the country from weeks of more nonsense, yet they too will go unappreciated by the left.  Is it just the old fashion reason of jealousy or something more nefarious?  If someone has the answer, I’d really like to know. Why are liberals so mean?

Regardless of the answer, California needs to get ready for more losing.  They need to lick their wounds now and get used to the taste of losing.