What Goes Around, Is Gonna Come Around.

Photo by Suliman Sallehi on Pexels.com

It’s our turn. We put up with four years of the Democrats in office, the suppressed news media, Hollywood, the Deep State, and the RINOs claiming there was a Russia Collusion then a Ukraine quid pro quo that was proven to be just a couple of hoaxes and not one of them apologized, so now it’s our turn to have a real claim: Widespread Voter Fraud. For real this time.

Good luck trying to run a country under a cloud of a stolen election hanging over your heads, Democrats. Everyone knows how you pulled it off. It was done in plain sight. You’d have to be a moron not to see it like Chris Krebs of the DHS Cybersecurity Agency or Senator Gary Peters of the Homeland Security Committee. It was obvious from their testimony yesterday during a Senate Hearing that they had it out for Trump and would do anything to upset his reelection. Even lie to congress.

They claim Trump is inciting violence against election workers by making baseless claims of voter fraud. Now it’s the GOP that are the violent ones? Here’s some of these liars’ comments: “Stoking of fires, fanciful claims of rigged computer software, election workers were martyrs risking their lives in spite of covid for a successful election, historic election, targeted violence against election workers, GOP is running down a rabbit hole, spreading Russian disinformation, postal workers worked tirelessly to deliver ballots, the voters of this country fired the president, no evidence of voter fraud in Nevada, Proud Boys threatened voters to vote for Trump or else, couldn’t be more proud of protecting the 2020 election, we were defending democracy, state and local election workers are our real heros, Biden and Harris won in a landslide, we risk permanent damage to our democracy, we need to turn the page so our country can get back on track, Trump is acting like a king trying to overturn an election, and the truth will set us free.” The Democrats can’t handle the truth.

“The fraud happened. In many ways the election was stolen,” says Dr. Senator Rand Paul. 46% of the voters say there was voter fraud. 80% of Trump voters say there was voter fraud. 42,000 people in Nevada voted more than once. Not one prosecution as yet. There was a registrar of voters that locked up the voting precinct and hid in his home to avoid a subpoena. He wore a Biden/Harris pin. There are many more hundreds of thousands of unlawful votes across America bringing Trump a win in a landslide but the courts won’t hear of it. They are either na├»ve, compromised, or threatened.

What the Democrats in general don’t seem to realize is that we can only vote once with proof of ID of being a legal citizen in a state where we are registered to vote. Only once. When our vote or ballot gets handled by others there is a chain of custody that we have no idea who touched our ballot once it is out of our hands. One official said the Ballot Boxes that were erected across America were rife for crime as there were no security guards around them and no one knows who picked them up.

The GOP is not going down a rabbit hole. We knew the fraud was coming and it came. We just didn’t know it would be so widespread and blatantly in our face like refusal of access to viewing the mail-in ballots. The Democrats are saying to Move on. No, we won’t. It’s our turn. What goes around is gonna come around. We will cry voter fraud from the rooftops till the cows come home. Trust us.

Photo by Maryann Kariuki on Pexels.com