Black Lives DON’T Matter…

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IF you’re a black cop, a black chief of police, a black mayor, a black conservative, a black Chicagoan, a black store owner, a black author, or a black innocent bystander. So what does this tell us? It tells us that the whole concept behind Black lives mattering is flawed. It has nothing to do with the color of their skin, it has to do with them being shot in the process of a crime. PERIOD. They don’t want to be shot if they are committing a crime. So, with this said, only BLACK CRIMINAL LIVES MATTER.

There’s no outrage when a Black cop is shot and we’ve had plenty of those recently, more than Black criminals. We’ve had black celebrities die; but if they were known conservatives, hardly a blurb in the newspaper or from the press. Conservative lives don’t matter if you are Black. So let’s get off the train that ALL Black lives matter, they don’t. Let’s admit that once and for all. They have selective outrage. What about poor Black conservative Candace Owen who wrote a book and it’s being damaged at Amazon before packaging? Does her life matter? Of course not. These are sick people working for Amazon doing this.

Black Lives Matter is nothing more than a Marxist group out to destroy America as we know it probably paid by George Soros which FOX News is afraid to cover. Every night they commit more carnage in the name of black outrage for how one of their own got shot during a police encounter. Get over yourselves. Obviously, these members have never been disciplined in their own homes. Probably raised by a single parent.

The worst story I’ve heard was a young black man shooting a white neighborhood boy riding his bike. If the story were reversed, it would be all over the news like Breonna. Breonna was not innocent as she was living in a house full of drugs. The media is so hyped on covering blacks getting shot that they don’t even care if an innocent white boy is shot, not in the act of a crime, but just for riding his bike.

The world is upside down when the likes of a VP candidate is telling the public that they need to continue the violence and not let up even after the election. These same characters are saying Trump is fanning the flames of violence. That’s a huge lie. Biden is hiding in his basement getting shot up with drugs to practice for his debate next week. He’s scared to death of debating Trump as he doesn’t have a leg to stand on. He’s a walking, babbling, mask-covered, corrupt bureaucrat running for the highest position in the United States. It’s scandalous!

I can’t believe his party is pawning him off on America. I’d be embarrassed to say I voted for a mentally diminished patient for President of the United States. When he prefaces an answer with, “I’m being serious, I’m not kidding,” it sounds farcical as the guy has no sense of humor to begin with. But Biden is really biding his time to think of an answer. It’s his “go to” instead of the typical ahhs or ummms used by Obama. So during the debate if he says, “I’m being serious here or I’m not kidding,” you’ll know why. He’s trying to think. And don’t forget his fav “Oh…my time’s up” comment when he totally forgets in midsentence his train of thought.

When this scandal they are pulling finally becomes the movie version I wonder what the title will be: Primary Fear, All the Candidate’s Men, What Ever Happened to Biden? In the Basement, Silence of the Dems, Joey Biden’s Day Off, There’s Something About Joey, Broadcast Fake News, Barefoot in the Basement, Legally Blond Leg Hairs, Children of the Cornpop, Runaway Train of Thought, The Perfect Setup, Scent of a Woman’s Hair, The Sting II, or Sleepy in Seattle. And who should they get to play Biden? Maybe William Hurt. (No offense to William Hurt, one of my favorite all time actors.) But he’d do a great job and has the same height, stature, and coloring. Call me Hollywood.

William Hurt quits Gregg Allman biopic amid latest claims over crew death |  Midnight Rider | The Guardian

Remember all Black lives DON”T matter, only Black criminal lives matter. And to the young impressible Whites that have joined BLM, you’re being duped. Go home to mommy, as Trump would say.