Trump economy is booming! Thank you!

Despite what Nancy Pelosi says  (But people can’t afford their rising healthcare costs.)  That’s on Obama, Judge Roberts, and lastly, McCain.  But will be taken care of soon.

Yesterday I went into a brick and mortar store to buy a gift.  The check out line was like it is during Christmas.  And they had six checkers with long lines.  My checker was so flustered I asked him if it was his first day.  He said, “No, but I’ve never seen it this busy.”

Even though the media tells us Amazon is putting stores out of business, proof’s in the pudding.  Home Depot was packed as well as Homegoods and Marshalls.  People are buying and, ironically, they were probably all Hillary supporters as this store was in Northern Cali wine country area.  But will they give Trump credit for the extra bills in their wallet?  Of course not.  They probably believe that Obama left Trump with an economy waiting to boom (just like Obama is telling folks.) That’s a lie.  What he really said while in office  was, “This is the new norm.  Low GDP and high unemployment and companies closing their doors.” something to that effect.  We were left on the edge of an abyss which Trump has gotten us off of. Thank you Mr. President.

It’s the lowest unemployment since 1969.  Who would of thunk?  If you can’t find a job in this economy, you aren’t looking.

Recently someone I know in California recently bragged about her 401K booming, her husband’s promotion after 30 years, and bigger pension, yet she protested vehemently in the streets with signs after Trump won even calling him a white supremist.  This is what I call “biting the hand that feeds you“.  Without Trump her retirement plan would be stagnating, her husband would still be in the lower ranks at work, and they wouldn’t have recently bought a Land Rover Discovery.  So I said, “The economy is doing great, right?” just to see what she’d say.  She said, “Right!” but wouldn’t give a crumb of credit to our new president.  It is just plain sad the way Trump is being unappreciated by the left yet they are reaping the rewards of his policies.

The left is blinded to the truth by hate.  They all have Trump Derangement Syndrome.  It must be an incurable disease.





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