Comey: A Master of Projection

Yesterday’s hallway interview of Comey showed us a man who is projecting everything he does onto President Trump.  He’s flipping the script.

He had a planned, rehearsed speech as he looked into the camera rather than at the reporter who asked him a question.  He is an adept liar and a co-conspirator to undermine the presidency of Donald Trump.  He is well paid by the Hillary camp as well as Obama.  They are paying him to keep up the charade that the deleted emails is nothing but a Republican obsession as well as her private server.  Everything he said was a lie and he said it with much conviction.  It was scary.  If he was a character in a government conspiracy movie, he’d be played by Scott Glenn, the villain in Urban Cowboy and Backdraft.

He has ruined the reputation of the FBI and tried to project that onto Trump.  That’s rich.  He even included Republicans and FOX news in his projection. Everyone’s lying but him, he contends.  Yet he answered “I can’t recall or I don’t know” 250 times. Those were 250 lies.  I thought it was a crime to lie to congress.  Why isn’t he being indicted?  Is it only Republicans that get charged for lying?  Of course it is.   Otherwise Dr. Ford would be behind bars already.

Trump wasn’t even president when Comey began his shenanigans.  The “insurance plan” was under his watch. The “stand down” at Benghazi was under his watch. The “wiretapping” of Trump campaign was under his watch.  The “fake dossier” was under his watch. The “tarmac meeting” was under his watch.  The “extreme carelessness” was under his watch.  The “FISA warrants” were under his watch. The “entrapment of Flynn” was under his watch. The “raiding” of a lawyer’s office in the middle of the night was under his watch. BUT he has the gall to say Trump is the reason the FBI is tarnished.  Outrageous!

Let’s be clear: If even one of these scandals were committed by the Trump administration, the media would be screaming at the top of their lungs.  Yet they remain silent to all the scandals committed under the Obama administration and spearheaded by Comey (Obama’s lapdog).  You can tell by Comey’s facial expression that he sold his soul to the devil and can’t get it back.   He doesn’t believe anything he is spewing to the press but has to continue his charade as part of “the deal.”  He is playacting a man with superior high morals and ethical values.  It’s plain BS.  He’s desperate to reinvent his reputation but only an idiot would fall for it. He’s so jealous of Trump’s success that it’s driving him and Obama loco.

If the people can’t see through him (like they couldn’t see through Hillary), we are living with people that have blinders on.  Sort of like the Invasion of the Body Snatchers. Wake up America and smell the coffee!  Comey is the tallest, biggest liar in American history, probably, and he shouldn’t be getting away with it.  He basically took the 5th during his interrogation with congress over 200 times.  That’s a disgrace for the head of the FBI and shows he is hiding so much from us. And he’s besties with Mueller.  Do the math, folks.  They are all part of it.

When are he and McCabe going to jail?  I don’t know what’s taking so long.  When will the indictments be issued?  Come on already.  This insanity has to stop!  Maybe our new AG can get the ball rolling.  So far it’s been stuck.

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