R.I.P. President George H.W. Bush. But Why is the Media Comparing Apples to Oranges…Again?

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Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

I’m old enough to remember how the press treated Bush senior when he was President.  In fact, Dana Carvey owes his career to making fun of Bush Senior.  He imitated his voice to a T.  The only reason Bush didn’t win the second term was due to Ross Perot who was a successful businessman much like Trump who made more economic sense than Bush during the campaign.  And Bush’s “Read my Lips” comment killed his reelection too.

But if I have to endure another week of the press and Democrats swooning over Bush after years of ridicule of everything he did, I think I’ll throw up.  Such phonies, some even feigning tears like Nancy Pelosi.  And the way they are trying to compare Trump, who is very successful in his own right, to Bush who was a patriot and war hero is comparing apples to oranges. 

Trump owes his success to running businesses. Bush owes his newly found success by the media to a lifetime of service to his country from head of the CIA to VP for eight years and head of the RNC.  He is a natural leader yet the left made fun on him on SNL relentlessly just like they make fun of Trump.  In fact, that is the one comparison that Trump and Bush share. They were both vilified by the Dems and Hollywood but are beloved by their families.

These politicians who start out saying Bush had great character, personality, sense of humor, treated people kindly, and love of family.  Trump has all those too. But they are blind or vindictive.  He’s congenial around people, affable, and very humble and kind to everyone at all levels of society.  I see it.  Are they blind to Trump’s good qualities?  They must be.  So I will have to listen to this garbage all week long ripping on Trump’s character and praising Bush’s.  This is not what funerals are supposed to be.  Funerals are for remembering the person who died, not trashing someone who has the same job 25 years later during different times. And for Meghan McCain to tell her coworkers to stop bashing Trump is rich.  As she shamefully did the same during her father’s funeral.

If they want to trash someone’s character why not Obama’s or Clinton’s?  Clinton had sex in the oval office with an intern.  Case closed.  Nothing tops that.  Obama conspired to change the results of a presidential election.  Case closed.  Nothing tops that.

McCain’s funeral was a disgraceful display of never-Trumpers if I ever saw one.  So media and Dems, get off your Trump-bashing bandwagon!  We can’t stand to listen to another week of your lies! Show the respect for Bush Senior that he so deserves and leave Trump out of it.  He has shown nothing but respect for the death of Bush and doesn’t deserve all the shade you’re throwing his way either indirectly or outright. Cut it out! It’s sick!

If it weren’t for this phony Mueller investigation instigated by Comey and Obama, Trump would be praised for all his accomplishments instead of lies about his integrity made up by the media.

Rest in peace Bush senior.  You were a good president and leader with no scandals for real unlike what Obama said about himself.

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