When Mueller Leaks, the Press Freaks… Like a Rabid Dog.

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Photo by Kat Jayne on Pexels.com

Every time Mueller leaks something to the press like Manafort visiting Julian Assange, the media goes crazy like a dog foaming at the mouth. It’s all over the news cycle for a day.  Pundits claiming, “this is the end to Trump.” But after a day of foaming, it turns out it was all another lie.  Fake news.

Yesterday it was Cohen pleading guilty to lying about the date Trump stopped being interested in building a tower in Moscow.  Couple of months off his original claim.  Big Whoop!  Trump is allowed to conduct his business of international construction while running for president, just in case he loses.  Just like all other candidates are allowed to do.  Kasich continued running Ohio as Governor, didn’t he?  Marco continued to be a senator, didn’t he?  And, of course, Ted Cruz continued to be a senator.  So this feigned outrage that Trump was doing international business is just another smokescreen to cover for the real crimes by Hillary et al.

Hillary et al is growing.  There are so many people covering for her crimes that the whistle blowers are being investigated rather that her.  They continue to turn the tables and go after anyone that was against her and for Trump.  The person investigating her Uranium One scandal, got raided by the FBI.  Obviously, confiscating all the evidence against her.  You can’t make this stuff up.  The story would be turned down by Hollywood as being too contrived.  It is getting scary.  Now that the Dems will take control of the House, it can only get worse with the innocent being investigated rather than the guilty.

There is definitely a double standard whereby the Democrats get away with every crime possible and the Republicans get indicted on virtually nothing like Flynn, Cohen, Manafort, Papadopoulos.  The press is vilifying Trump for the caravan and teargas whereas, Obama did exactly the same 80 times or so but the press didn’t cover it.  Double standard.

This Mueller character is biased.  He was appointed by Comey indirectly.  Comey is his buddy.  They have been scratching each others’ back for years.  One gets in at the FBI level and awards jobs to the other in private practice.  Why isn’t anyone investigating that?  It is a conflict of interest from day one.  Mueller should have never been appointed as he hired a crew of Democratic hacks.  They all supported Hillary.  The only reason we found out about Strzok was due to an IG report.  Otherwise none of the insurance plan would have been exposed.  The Mueller investigation is nothing more than a political revenge operation against anyone that worked, supported, or knew Donald Trump prior to his election.

Now, Comey wants to delay delay dealy his testimony with congress under the guise that he wants it to be public.  He wants it public so the Dems will praise him while the Republicans are trying to get to the truth. We saw what happened at Dr. Ford’s hearing. He also wants to delay until next year when the House goes Democratic, they’ll cancel his appearance.  Behind doors, the Republicans get an hour straight then it goes to the Ds.

I pray that Trump has a few cards up his sleeve to take these corrupt swamp dwellers down before he goes down.  The truth will always prevail, hopefully.

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