What Do Kasich and Obama Have in Common?

green peas

They both have “I did it” disease.  They are two peas in a pod.  They are egomaniacs.  They take credit for other people’s success.  Obama is trying to take credit away from Trump for the current economy and now our oil industry being the largest in the world.  Please.  He must think we’re stupid. We all know you were the climate change/windmill pres.  Kasich took credit for Clinton’s economy when he worked in his administration.  And wants to run against Trump and take credit for all his achievements that he wouldn’t have had the courage to do.

Obama was famous for saying, “You didn’t build that!”  But he needs to change it to,“You didn’t build that, I did!”

Kasich was famous for saying, “Listen folks,  I’ve done this before.” But now he wants to run on a “we need to change the tone and stop all the name calling” ticket.  Trump did everything Kasich wanted to do and then some so he’s got nothing left but, “We need to change the tone and no name calling.”

Let’s be clear.  Kasich is a Democrat in sheep’s clothing.  He doesn’t have a chance running on the GOP ticket.  Maybe as a Democrat.  He never voted for Trump in the general election and probably wrote his own name on the ballot.  Even though he took a pledge to support the winner of the primary.  So just that fact disqualifies him to run.  He doesn’t keep his word.  He says he is against Trump’s policies.  Wow!  The policies that all the candidates were running on–lowering taxes, moving the embassy in Israel, calming North Korea, lowering unemployment, rebuilding the military, picking strong conservative judges etc. , etc.  So what does he complain about?  The Saudi killing and immigration.  Please.  That’s all the Democrats have left, aside from healthcare. But that was not repealed because of one vote, McCain.  Another Democrat in sheep’s clothing along with Flake.  It must be hard living in someone else’s clothing all these years.

At least, Obama is a leftist radical and never tried to hide it.  It was clear and present from day one with the IRS scandal (Lois Lerner) and the Fast and Furious scandal (Eric Holder).  It is rich that Obama says “not one of his administration has been indicted.”  To that claim, I say, “NOT YET!”   We are still dealing with the holdovers of the deep state.  Once they are all fired or resigned (Rosenstein), the indictments will begin.  Just you wait and see, Obama.  Careful what you brag about.  You attended all the meetings of the FBI’s “Insurance Plan” but your name is conveniently redacted to protect you.  Just saying.

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