“Did You Really Say ‘Mommy Issues’?”

mg_2362-2“FYI Obama, I nap on the coast in Sea Ranch, Ca.  and my environment is perfect and so is my mommy. Stay out of my business!” barks a Pacific Harbor Seal Pup.

Obama is at it again–projecting what he has onto others. And we are “shrouded in hate” and that’s why the U.S. isn’t progressing?  This little speech he gave calling “us” blind and confused and racist was just another jab at Trump.  He is just projecting his issues onto Trump.  It was a convoluted speech at best and basically gibberish.  The U.S. is progressing without him and that’s what’s got his back up.

Obama needs to give up the mic or drop it as he has no relevant information to give any longer.  Same goes for Hillary.

Happy Thanksgiving!

One thought on ““Did You Really Say ‘Mommy Issues’?”

  1. Was that the first sexist comment of the day that the press will have to ignore for Obama?

    (Forgive me if I made this post twice; however, the first seems to have vanished without posting.)


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