The Year of the Woman: Dr. Ford, Swetnick, Stormy, and Snipes.

Boy, oh boy,  have we come a long way, baby!  These females dominated the news this year.  Is this the examples we want when gaining equality?  Can’t we find any ethical, honest, moral women to dominate the news?  If I went to central casting to find actors to play these women, I’d choose a young Dolly Parton, a young Barbra Streisand, a living James Brown, and a dark-haired Alex Forrest from Fatal Attraction, very fitting. Now, of course, I’m being facetious; but seriously folks, can’t we find honest, wholesome women for the Year of the Woman?  This is the best we got?

Frankly, I’m embarrassed that these lowlifes emerged in the news.  They are liars, a fabricator, a porn star, and incompetent, yet half of America has put these women on a pedestal, like their savior.  What do they all have in common?  They’re Democrats.  Shocker!  Three of them activists.  Why does the left media and politicians ignore these women’s amorality in exchange for them going after our president?  That was a rhetorical question.  If they go after our president it automatically makes them “okay” in their book.   The double standard among politicians is outrageous! If one of these women were Republican they’d be vilified by the left media.

Bill Nelson wanted every vote counted, but when they are, the precinct fails by two minutes to post them.  Why?  Because the votes favored Rick Scott instead of Nelson.  Now Nelson looks like an honest guy, been in the senate for forty years, but he’s gone to the dark side.  He’s been hijacked by the left who wants to take back power at all costs even to steal an election.  Abrams is holding on for dear life, claiming racism.  When all else fails, cry racism or sexism.  That has been the narrative of the left for two years now.  It’s getting stale. Come up with something new.  Go back to Russia or Stormy.  Desantis has clearly won his election for governor but Gillum is crying the same: suppression of votes.

Let’s get one thing clear.  Republicans don’t steal elections.  They’re not that crafty and they usually like following the rule of law. Democrats do, or at least, they try.  Hillary stole the primary from Sanders and tried to steal the general from Trump, but Trump was on to her.  He knows the tricks they play.  He called them out early, stating that he was being wiretapped.  They made fun of him as it was an old-fashioned term, but it turned out to be true and even worse than that.  Trump is intuitive if nothing else.  He calls thing out before they become true.  He called out California’s failure to remove dead trees in the forest which add more fuel to the firestorms.  Two days later crews felt guilty and were cutting down dead trees in Tahoe.  It takes someone like Trump with a big mouth to call out the obvious.  No one else will.  They are too politically or environmentally correct.  It’s just commonsense.

As a victim myself of last years firestorm in Santa Rosa, losing my whole community and golf course, my first thought was why doesn’t the government help put utility lines underground?  Well, I just read that a bill was passed that would have had taxpayers pay for the project in high risk areas of California like Malibu and Paradise, but Governor Brown vetoed it.  Not cool.  If we’re going to have these long periods of no rain: add more reservoirs, remove the dead trees, and put utility lines underground, Period.  And we’re not having a drought like we had forty years ago when reservoirs dried up.  It’s just a longer dry season–not two years without rain.

But I’ve gone off course.  In this year of the woman, please let’s find some better role models and I don’t mean that new senator from New York.  They have to be smart too.

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