Media Steals JEB’s Line and Runs With it Calling Trump Administration a Chaos Presidency.

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All the left wing media ran with the same talking points yesterday: chaos in the White House. They jump at a chance to bring down the president whenever he makes a bold move like pulling our troops from Syria.  But that coupled with General Mattis retiring in two months and it’s a recipe for chaos!  OMG!

This is all part of their plan to discredit all the work Trump’s done by using one simple word: chaos.  It didn’t work for JEB and it’s not going to work for the left.  You have to break a few eggs to make an omelete and that’s what Trump’s doing.  It’s the end of half his term and people will leave.  It happens.

I have a bold prediction though that with all this identity politics that Trump is dealing with lately like the Metoo movement, that Trump may have to ask Pence to take another position rather than stay on the 2020 ticket.  The Dems will come up with a woman of color either for P or VP and they will be running against two white older men.  There’s a reason Nikki Haley left her post early and I believe Trump has promised her a VP slot in 2020 which would launch her running for President in 2024.  Even though Trump is not an identity politics kind of guy, sometimes you have to play their game in order to win.

It’s a bold prediction but not a bad one. Flake and Kasich are going to try to run against Trump in the primary and that’s real bold of them.  Trump needs a bold response.



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