When Will the Grownups Come to the Table?

three toddler eating on white table
Photo by Naomi Shi on Pexels.com


The children are having a food fight and there are no adults in the room.  When will the Republicans join together and get control of the crazy things the left is getting away with? From the Cohen hearing that smokescreened an important peace-seeking meeting overseas to a weak response to an anti-Semite in the House, it looks like the Republicans are kowtowing to all these charades rather that standing up for themselves.  They should have refused a hearing with Cohen on that day and refused a watered-down bill that didn’t point out the anti-Semitism coming from one member’s mouth.  The double standard is rich.

Where are all the adults in the room?  Where’s former Republicans in power to support our president and the few members of congress that do speak out like Graham, Cruz, and Jim Jordan?  They need your help. What is everyone afraid of?  The Clinton Machine?

We’ve got Bernie out there lying daily about Trump while we remain silent.  The young folks have all been brainwashed in college some even saying they’ll vote for Bernie or Cory Booker while we remain silent. We’ve got the DNC refusing to let FOX news hold one debate with the Democrats while we remain silent. The Angry Ones are ruling the country right now while we remain silent.  The left is turning into the party of anti-Israel and Jews right before our eyes while we remain silent.

Can George Bush swallow his pride and make a public announcement against what the crazy left and media are doing right now to our country?  Can’t he see what is going on and doesn’t it upset him? Or does he think Trump deserves all this angst? Trump isn’t causing it.

We need the likes of Bush and others to speak out against hate, suppression of free speech of conservatives, fake political hate crimes, fake voter suppression, anti-Semite members of congress, political witch hunt by the left, Mueller’s phony investigation, the two-tier justice system, and fake news media. But they remain silent.

We know he didn’t stand up for himself when they came for him, but now we’re looking at the result.  They did it before and think they can get away with it again.  They are like children that need discipline and boundaries. It’s never too late to stand up and be heard, George Bush.  We would welcome it.  You will never have done anything more important in your career if you came out against all these crazy actions by the left and showed your support of the president.  Maybe Cheney should speak out or others that were in your cabinet. We’ll welcome any of them. Thank goodness for the few Republicans we do have like Huckabee, Graham, Jordan, and Cruz.  But they were never president.  Your voice would hold more weight especially with the brainwashed left.  Believe it or not, the left are like fish. A fish swims in water and all they know is water. They think everyone else swims in water.

orange and white koi fish near yellow koi fish
Photo by FOX on Pexels.com

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