Trump’s Golfing, GOP’s Giddy, and Dem’s Gobsmacked.

grass green golf golf ball
Photo by tyler hendy on

It’s a huge sigh of relief for sure for the GOP and Trump Administration.  The Democrats are gathering today to decide on their next move.  Obviously, grieving over the Mueller Report, they have to come up with Plan H.  All their other plans to oust Trump have failed from Stormy to Ford to Swetnick to Smollett to Sandman to Cohen to their last great hope, Mueller.  Now what will they do?

They should be groveling or eating crow but they never do that.  They never apologize for nothing. Obviously it’s good news that Trump was not involved with Russia evidenced by no more indictments.  If he was involved, trust me, there’d be indictments up the wazoo.

Now all the resist movement has left is to impeach.  They’ll be hoping there’s some little tidbit in the full report that is grounds for impeachment in their eyes. One fake news commentator said they’ll be looking for honor.  Is Trump honoring the country?  They make their own set of rules. Maybe they’ll impeach him for tweeting.

Hurry up Barr finish reading that report, the natives are getting restless.  They are starting to turn on their hero Mueller already. Why can’t they just leave Trump alone and let him run the country?  He’s had the loony left obstructing everything he does and says from day one.

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