First Impression of Amy Klobuchar: A Cookie-Cutter Candidate

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At yesterday’s town hall, Amy appeared calm, cheerful, and nice looking.  Her hands movements got somewhat annoying by answering every question with open palms thrust in one direction then the other, much like a musical conductor or airline stewardess pointing out where the exit doors were. But aside from her offputting demeanor her answers were so cookie-cutter and lacking originality.  She’s a cookie-cutter candidate.

She says our economy was started by “the people” and has continued to the Trump Administration.  Such a vague and uninformed answer. She won’t give credit to Trump for his tax cuts or reduced regulations. She says it began under Obama and just flowed to Trump.  Wrong. She also thinks we should return to the Iran deal, Paris Accord, and Obamacare.  Basically, she’s Obama in a dress.

She believed Dr. Ford’s story that Kavanaugh attacked her.  She implied that he blacked out and couldn’t remember his assault. Wrong.  But Dr. Ford being a Resist activist and no recollection of where the attack happened had no bearing on her decision.  She didn’t care if congress ruined Kavanaugh’s stellar career and beautiful family. She has no heart.

She believes that health insurance is a Right not a choice.  Wrong. She believes in Medicare and Medicaid for all but doesn’t say how it will be paid for.  She believes Trump’s tax cuts were for the rich and didn’t help the middle class. She’s on the wrong side of history.

When asked if she takes the country off the track that we are on now, won’t it stop the economic boom that we are in.  Her answer is no.  She says she will pay down our deficit by raising taxes.  Wrong. When asked about Barr being in Contempt of Congress, she agreed.  She also thinks Hillary would have been a very good president, denying all Hillary’s involvement in trying to steal the election from Trump.  Wrong. She called Trump mean and chaotic. She’s got Trump Derangement Syndrome.

She loved the Obama administration and wants to bring the country back not make it great again.  She believes in national legalized marijuana. She believes there’s racism in the court system. She implied that Trump is a criminal in the White House.Wrong.  She’s snarky.

She implied that our election system was hacked by Russia.  Wrong.  She supports abortion whenever a woman wants one.  She’s more for the woman than the baby’s life.  She thinks Planned Parenthood provides healthcare.  Wrong.  She thinks contraception isn’t available to women.  Wrong.  She’s a feminist.

She repeats phrases from candidates that ran against Obama like the tired old phrase that Warren Buffet’s secretary shouldn’t be in a higher tax rate than him.  She’s unoriginal. She railed on the drug companies being in the pocket of congressmen but didn’t give Trump credit for not being beholden to anyone, except Putin, of course. Trump is currently writing a bill that drug companies need to include their prices in television ads.  That will bring prices down.  Guess she forgot that bit of info.  She didn’t give Trump credit for diddly-squat. I find her to be ungrateful and misinformed or just lying.

She’s basically a typical cookie-cutter candidate with snark, no originality, nor record of accomplishment. She even copied Hillary’s signature pantsuit. 😦 Good nickname for her would be Cookie Klo-cutter.

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