Gender is Not a Choice, Nor is it Equal.

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Let’s get real Democrats.  If you’re born with a peepee you’ll be playing on boys’ sports teams until you don’t have one.  If Bruce Jenner had played in women’s track just because he felt female back in the day, he would have cleaned their clocks.  Not fair to us women who are athletic and would like to excel in sports. Not fair.  You have a choice when you pick your outfit in the morning or a meal at McDonalds not on what team to play–boys or the girls.

Boys are biologically built different that girls.  Otherwise I would have beat my brothers in all sports we played.  Although I gave them a run for their money, especially in tennis. When I was in school there wasn’t even a choice on what to wear to school.  Now you have a choice on whether to be female or not?  We had to wear a dress everyday or be suspended.  One day a year was named “Shorts day.”  It was the best day of the year.  Girls could wear what they wear at home to school.  Shorts.

I think parents are giving children too many choices at too young of age.  Don’t let them decide they are a boy if they happen to be a tomboy that likes to play football with her brothers or play war in the dirt with toy soldiers.  Don’t let your son decide he’s a girl just because he dressed in his sister’s clothes one day.  This is not your decision.  If one or the other happens to be fully grown and is attracted to the same sex, well, it’s out of your control; they can become gay or lesbian or transgender or keep it secret.

But I’m confused, why aren’t all gays transgender?  Why don’t they all want a sex change?  Some just decide to have sex with the same gender but others change the way they look.  What’s the point?  Why go to all that trouble and expense if being gay is accepted?  Or do gays not want to be female?  Do the transgenders not want the peepee? Maybe they should just be cross dressers.  Or female impersonators.  Wonder if a male transgender starts dating a female?  Is she a male transgender lesbian?  Someone please explain to me all these trends.  Sorry if I’m not up on all the trends. I don’t mean to offend.   And what’s being fluid mean?  That just sounds like what we used to call “sluts.”  Sex with anyone or any gender. “Anything goes” attitude.

Yes back in my day, girls that had sex at a young age were know as “easy” or sluts. I know it’s not acceptable to call a girl that today but morality has taken a back seat.  The kids’ moral compass seems to be missing. What I see girls doing on reality shows today, shocks me. Apparently having a lesbian affair these days is not considered cheating on your boyfriend.  It’s called curious.  Really? Parents are not teaching girls to save themselves or boys to be careful.  Which is what we were taught.  Instead liberal parents are handing out birth control like candy at younger and younger ages and condoning lesbian experimentation.  Disgusting.

Parents need to be stricter when it comes to raising their children; otherwise, I weep for the future.  There’s nothing wrong with having rules and making your children abide by them.  Nothing wrong.  Our son in high school once brought his girl home and said they were going to have a “sleepover” in the living room.  We said, “We don’t think so. Not in our house.”  The girl looked flummoxed but went home.  We weren’t ready for that kind of promiscuity in our home under our noses.

I liked the old days when there were boys and girls; some boys were called fems or fruits and some girls were called tomboys or butch.  It was simple back then.  We’d go to the drive-in movies to “make-out” with our crush.  Then there was the Vietnam War and then out of nowhere sprung Castro Street.  Then feminism was born and from there, the gay pride movement. Then came AIDS and now we have God knows what–liberals passing Gender Equality Laws in school sports.  Genders are not equal.

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Thanks liberals for, yet again, trying to transform America.  Keep Making America Great.  KMAG

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