Thank You Chris Wallace For Putting Kirsten Fili(buster)brand in Her Place.

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What a change in moderating Kirsten Gillibrand versus Mayor Buttigieg.  Chris was tougher this time and stood up to this blabber-mouthed, filibuster feminist.  When she went off on FOX News, Chris interrupted her and said it was not polite since we invited you.  He should have said “rude” but it is Chris Wallace. When he asked her why she used to be for gun owners and now is not, she hummed and hawed and double talked.

She blamed Trump for immigrant children dying when arriving at the border with diseases and illnesses.  She’s cruel.  She said she would pass immigration reform bills, yet her party won’t even allow them to be voted on.  She’s for abortion at any time in a pregnancy stating it is just a woman’s right.

She had all her long pat answers planned ahead and used them for whatever they asked her.  Sometimes not even answering the question.  She changes her opinion with the political wind or what is expedient for her at the time.  She was for Bill Clinton before she was against him.  She was against Al Franken before she was for him.  She was for guns before she was against guns.  She was against the DNC but now apparently for them. Basically she’s a fast-talking, scatter-brained hypocrite. A smaller, younger version of Hillary.

Better job this time Chris!

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One thought on “Thank You Chris Wallace For Putting Kirsten Fili(buster)brand in Her Place.

  1. Kirsten Gellibrand is a “phony” and a totally fake person. She wouldn’t know the truth if it was staring her in the eyes. I don’t know much about body language, but when I watch her talk, I know she is lying like a dog. If you’re getting the vibes that I can’t stand her, you’re right on the money.


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