What Do the Ice Cream Licker and Noose Wearer Have in Common?

woman holding ice cream tub
Photo by Edu Carvalho on Pexels.com

Aside from committing incredibly stupid acts, here are some common links:

  1. African American decent.
  2. Crave attention by breaking the law.
  3. Have co-conspirators to back them up.
  4. Have no respect for the unintended consequences of who’d be hurt by their actions.
  5. Are an example of a race that seems to be out of control.
  6. Have no respect for law and order, property, police, or their country.
  7. They planned and staged their crime for camera.
  8. Their charges will be dropped due to racial political correctness.
  9. Both now wishing they’d not done what they did.
  10. Both an embarrassment to the Black community.

I feel the Black race has gotten license to break the law ever since Obama became president. Obama showed no respect for the police and never backed them up.  He always took the side of the Black community over the police departments.  This inspired a hatred and disrespect for the police and gave birth to Black Lives Matter, NFL Kneelers, Hands Up Don’t Shoot, Antifa, and the Resist Movement. And America stupidly thought if we voted for the first African American president all past racial problems would just disappear. The opposite happened. They are now tenfold worse than before as Obama reminded us constantly. He was/is a radical.

We reap what we sow, and we sowed this crap for eight years.  And now look what we’ve got growing:  disrespectful youth, Colin K, Smollett, removal of historical statues and murals and chapters from history books and flags from shoes, burning of our flag, cops being targeted daily, removal of presidents from our currency, and hating on our country.  We don’t have to wonder why this all started, we just have to look back ten years when it did.

Look at Obama’s apology tours and race-bating speeches.  Look at CNN who’s lied to us for ten years covering for him. Look at how Obama covered the Trayvon Martin case and Ferguson shooting.  He went along with the “Hands Up Don’t Shoot” lie and millions of youth believed him. He never went into Chicago to clean up the mess there.  In fact, he made it worse by telling the cops to stand down.  He came up with a harebrained program called the Promise Program allowing troubled kids to stay in school until they graduated.  It sparked the Parkland Shooting.  But stupid media blamed it on gun control and ignored Obama’s program.

Now we’ve got spunky, laughing youth making you tube videos of themselves licking ice cream from a carton and putting it back on the shelf, no doubt to get lots of hits on their video.  Did she think she was “above the law” like Smollett and the rest of these kooks, yes she did.  Who gave her this false sense of empowerment?  Obama did.  But consumers are affected by her action, and we can’t let it be overlooked.

This problem will only get worse before it gets better unless we have equal punishment under the law.  The pendulum seems to have swung to the side of protecting Blacks over others with similar crimes due to racial PC. NIKE sold their soul to the devil by cowering to Colin K.  Antifa and Resist groups are assaulting reporters and conservative groups on college campuses with no police intervention until the public becomes outraged.

Let’s keep on these groups and kooks and call them out whenever possible. Let’s not let them get away with harmful acts of disobedience in the guise of freedom of speech. Let’s get on our mayors who are running permissive, anything-goes cities. Let’s boycott companies doing the same in the name of PC like Wayfair and NIKE. Let’s do all we can to help eliminate racial tension by not letting a few bad apples spoil the bunch. Call them out and don’t encourage them so it won’t happen again.

And let’s hope we can buy ice cream in a carton without fear of contamination.

shallow focus of ice cream on cone photo
Photo by Lukas on Pexels.com

2 thoughts on “What Do the Ice Cream Licker and Noose Wearer Have in Common?

  1. Blacks were indeed emboldened by Barrack Obama’s disdain for law enforcement. Assaults on police officers increased dramatically during his tenure. In my opinion, he is responsible for the birth of BLM, and the increased violence by Antifa. This is just another example of Democrats using any means possible to create distraction and confusion to keep everyone off balance, so they don’t see the real truth.


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