Is Megan Rapinoe the New Colin Kapernick?

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Poor President Trump never saw her coming.  What’s her beef anyways?  Trump has never said anything against the LBGT community or purple-haired women.  And Trump has always hired women and given them equal pay.  He’s an equal opportunity employer and one of the original ones. Where’s this coming from?  It’s coming from Trump Derangement Syndrome that the left is still inflicted with for Hillary losing to Trump.  They can’t get over it.

Her beef has nothing to do with equal pay.  The female players get more percentage of Women’s Soccer revenue than the males do from Men’s Soccer.  So what’s it about?  Feminists hate Trump?  Yes.  Feminists want to remove Trump from office? Yes.  The left is worried he may win again in 2020.  YES!  Exactly!  This is where it’s coming from.  PERIOD! She’s the new pawn being used by the Democrat Party.

Have the Democrats, trying to come up with something on Trump, jumped the shark yet?  They have for me.  I’m tired of all the incoming.  It’s getting nauseating to listen to. They want his taxes, a Mueller redo, his hotels investigated for conflict of interest, his kids investigated, his link to Epstein, his past business transactions investigated, they want everything but the kitchen sink.  It’s getting harder and harder to hear the news. Now they got a sports team of feminists implying that Make America Great Again means Make America Hate Again.  I think it’s the left that is full of hate, and they need to look themselves in the mirror.

We keep waiting for someone, anyone, in the Deep State involved in trying to take down the Trump presidency to be indicted.  But all I hear is more fake accusations on Trump. I know the media is smokescreening for the guilty parties, but it’s getting old.  Come on IG and AG let’s get someone indicted already so we can stop these loony feminists from coming out of the woodwork willy nilly.  Boy-chasing, drinking Christine Balsey was a phony from the get-go propped up by the Democrat party to appear like an innocent little bunny.  All phonies looking to bring down the Trump Administration including Megan, the new darling of the left.

She’ll make the rounds on all the talk shows from The View to Maddow to Matthews.  She’ll visit with AOC and her ilk.  Then NIKE will call and give her an endorsement.  It’s called capitalizing on being gay and trying to bring down Trump at the same time.  It’s a two for one.  Just like Colin capitalized on being Black and trying to bring down Trump at the same time and Balsey capitalized on belonging to the same swim club as Kavanaugh and trying to bring down Trump at the same time. All phony liars being used by the left.

Hurry up IG and AG bring on the indictments.  We’ve waited for too long now.  Anyone, anyone of the many involved.  Let’s start with Strzok, Comey, and McCabe to shut up the left.  And Megan…get in line. We’re on to you.  You may be the left’s new heroin, but you’re not my heroine.  Just shut your mouth and dribble the ball.

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