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Why do they have to be in conflict with each other?  Can’t we be GREAT and GREEN too?  Let’s not throw out the baby with the bathwater and fall for the Green New Deal.  Let’s make a concerted effort to: recycle more, not litter, drive less, use less plastics, flush less, ration water use, burn less, pick up garbage, and consume less.  If everyone did their part, we wouldn’t have to worry about the climate changing. Although we can’t control what’s happening in other countries like China.

Everyone work from home once a week to save the air. Consider solar panels if you’re using lots of energy.  Plant drought-tolerant landscaping.  Buy a water filter, not water bottles.  Set up a compost in your yard if you have room.  Shut your lights off in empty rooms. Take shorter showers, less dishwasher and laundry cycles. Have less children and grow more trees.

If you’re a limousine liberal, then nothing will be done by you.  You live in your 10,000 square feet homes and ballyhoo about global warming.  That’s what you’re good at.  You feel guilty, so you put your guilt on everyone else ( Al Gore).   The Paris Climate Accord just taxes people buying gas while the rich fly around in their private jets.  That punishes people rather than having them change their habits.  Habits have to change before any change will take place.

Granted there are too many cars on the road commuting to work especially in California.  Try to get your employer to allow you work from home one day a week or carpool with another employee. Can you imagine if everyone stayed home just one day a week, how the freeways would open up? One less car on the road times 10,000s a day.

We don’t have to dispose of our vintage gas-using automobiles.  We don’t have to shut down our coal mines.  We don’t have to abolish straws. We don’t have to carry around grocery bags.  We just have to use and dispose of these things sparingly and smartly. We can all do our part. Every little bit helps. What’s the worst is hypocrites who complain about climate change but are doing nothing to help the environment–other than spewing hot air. Trust me, I could do a lot more and have in the past but at least I don’t complain about it.

Now Biden promises to get rid of the fossil fuel and coal industries. Good luck with that. “Air pollution cleaning devices” to recycle our air is a good idea.  Have many of these constructed along the freeways and cattle farms. We can invent more ways to keep our air clean. It isn’t a dire situation that demands the likes of the Green New Deal which calls for no cows, no cars, no airplane travel.  It also calls for the rebuilding of our homes, apartments, and commercial buildings.  It’s a fantasy plan which will surely bankrupt our country. But everybody knows that. It’s really just a plan to scare our youth into voting Democrat.

So let’s do our mere part each day to save the air and water by doing more than we’ve done before.  Every little bit counts.  Start today and we can be GREAT as well as GREEN.

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  1. We have a really big problem with human behavior. Fix human behavior and we fix a multitude of things. Almost any problem you name can be fixed by modifying the way human beings behave, especially gun violence, and violence in general. Pollution is in a sense violence against nature. Teach people how to be more respectful of our world, environment, and their neighbors and most of problems will disappear. Big task, it’s been ignored for a very long time.

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