Mass Shootings Have Exposed an Ugly Truth: The Candidates’ Platform.

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TRUMP IS A RACIST!!!!  This is all they’ve got to run on so they’re tripling down on calling Trump a racist.  If Trump has said one racist remark or tweet, I’d like to see it.  And he hasn’t done anything racist. They can’t even quote him correctly.  When they try, they always spin it to sound racist.

For instance, Trump said there are good people on both sides of Charlottesville protest. He meant there were those against tearing down statues and those that were for tearing down statues which was what the protest was about.  But the candidates say, Trump said white supremacists and Nazis are good people.  He would never say that. No one would. They must think we’re stupid.

Before Trump was president he said SOME of the Mexicans sneaking over the border were rapists, which is a true remark.  He was referring to the coyotes that rape girls they’re smuggling into our country.  But the candidates continue to say Trump said Mexicans are rapists.  Way to spin, candidates.

Trump was reportedly overheard in a private meeting saying that immigrants from shithole countries are being sent to our country via the lottery program.  If it was true, it was said in private not to be believed because it was leaked and spun by a Democrat. We have to hear it for ourselves or see it in writing.  The Democrats lie everyday.

And when Trump asked Omar to return to her country and fix it then come back and tell us what we’re doing wrong. The candidates say it was racist to ask her to leave our country.  Notice how they take his comments out of context?

I’m sure there’s more, but they rarely like to refer to what they mean when they call him racist. They just say Charlottesville, shithole countries, and Mexican rapists!   BUT after the shootings in El Paso and Dayton, they have shown their true colors.  They chose the El Paso shooter that seems to be a white supremacist and have linked him to Trump; YET, the Dayton one who is a registered Democrat and Elizabeth Warren follower who supports ANTIFA, they ignore.  We’re not stupid, candidates!  We know what you’re up to. You’re using this tragedy as a fundraiser and a chance to slander Trump at the same time.  What a sleazy thing to do.

Beto, Harris, Bernie, Warren, Boot-edge-edge, Snowwhite (Kirsten), even Obama and Hillary have all weighed in.  This is a full court press now to take out Trump.  Mueller failed with his GetTrump Report now they see an opening.  They are sickeningly relishing on this tragedy to use it against Trump.  Beto said in so many words that Trump inspired the El Paso killer to drive 600 miles to shoot Mexicans.  Beto is sick.

Does anyone remember all the hateful comments made by lying governor of Ohio, John Kasich?  Did he inspire the Dayton shooter to go off?  All this hate from the politicians and media has to stop! Is he getting blamed?  I think not, as he is the original Nevertrumper.  Against Trump is good; for Trump is bad, is how they think.

Obama had many mass shootings on his watch and not one was blamed on him. Not one!  Orlando, San Bernardino, Boston Marathon, Sandy Hook, Fort Hood, Aurora were blamed on guns, terror, workplace violence, or homophobia.  And not one shooting was blamed on “poor upbringing” which is the mother of domestic terror. Orlando was actually a terror attack but the media wanted to blame it on homophobia. The fake news media controls what we hear, and then we have to deduce for ourselves the truth. Obama was insulated by the media. Aurora shooter was apparently inspired by a violent movie but Hollywood didn’t even get blamed. Yet they blame Trump for inciting violence. I think they’re bullying Trump.

Trump rallies are fun, not racist.  There are happy people of all races and genders in the audience.  Trump rallies cannot be banned or maligned by the left. The left is just jealous of the size of his crowds so they’re trying to make them sound like white supremacist rallies.  Nice try, leftists! America First is not racist!

If a city asked Obama not to come to their state because they’re in mourning, that would have been called racist. But some officials are asking Trump not to come, so isn’t that reverse racism?  I think it is.  Let’s open our eyes and see what’s really going on here. Trump is being used as the scapegoat. When all else fails in our cities, blame Trump.

Our prayers go out to the victims of these horrible shootings. So sorry it turned political so quickly.



2 thoughts on “Mass Shootings Have Exposed an Ugly Truth: The Candidates’ Platform.

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    Reblogged on kommonsentsjane/blogkommonsents.

    What to do? What to do – is the cry of the lefties. Now the left – we must do something – we must do something – while trying to diminish the humanity in human beings.

    Why not return to the base of the problem – where it starts. We must take a look at the root of the problem.
    – Start with the parents, the schools/college professors who continue to beat the drum of division and hate called socialism.

    – How about the videos which enable a person regardless of age to play games that kill-kill-kill and desensitizes the brain into thinking that it is easy to commit these crimes. And “walla” the bloke makes it happen.

    Again, the “root” of the problem needs to be dug out and exposed and be held responsible instead of using “pity” for that root. We must!



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